7 Days To Die – Midnight Rider (Night 1)


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  1. I didn't understand why he wasn't getting cloth from the tents… Talking about collecting cotton to make cloth while standing in a tent lol

  2. You said you dont need the coin's what about a vendingmachine you need coin's to buy the food so what if cant go to the trader you can get food. 🤗🤗🤗

  3. You press U open the windows 10 or mac os.I was so good treasure plate hold the world.Anything to hand as yours let's easy.

  4. That's an old video but watching your latest one, the horde every night, I noticed that both here 21:13 and there you actually gained health instead of taking damage when you were falling off a building. Interesting bug

  5. Glock9 you should make a series of like a post apocalyptic mad max series where you can only use a sawed off shotgun and a pistol and you have to drive to survive

  6. yessss u guys are all guud vs the DEAD…….. Lets C a good vid with YOU vs CAPOOO or anyone on the plain and normal map hehe……. Some kinda friendly PVP lol :}

  7. Easy here…. We are the nerds or wotever….. 7 days to die is one of the best Zombie crafting games EVER….. If an can beat game… TRY lol please :} .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. Love yur work Glock. KEEP IT UP PLEASE!!! And hyeessss WE LOVE THE FUNPIMPS!!!!!! some kinda kissie or what ever emote!!!!!! :}

  8. it would be cool to see a house flipper on one of the burnt out corners of houses. Rebuild the house that used to be there!

  9. This series is actually much more interesting, not saying the previous ones were bad thou, good night and good luck man

  10. I liked the old 7 days to die with wood instead of planks (if thats right i havent seen the old 7 days to die in so long)

  11. Riveting episode. I thought you were toast a couple of times. Good job staying alive and moving around. The sneakiest zombie is the big lumber jack.

  12. Tents..cloth…nuff said. Intense first episode!! Dogs on day one is usually guarateed death but you pulled it out somehow…aaawwesooommmeee!!


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