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Animal Gods is a Next Gen 2D action / adventure game set in Bronze Age Europe, 15th century BC.

The game pairs the tight and polished action of The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds with a memorable cast of characters and charming story moments that might remind you of Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger.

The game is staged in a beautiful but ravaged open world backdrop—letting you explore every nook & cranny. This next-gen classic adventure is mastered in full-HD with hi-res textures & dynamic lighting.

Key Features:
– Primary Weapon: Bronze Sword rips through fouled fiend flesh. Base stats: close range / high damage. Fully upgradable.
– Secondary Weapon: Rift Bow fires flint-tipped arrows at lethal speeds. Base stats: long range / low damage. Fully upgradable.
– Animal God Battles: Conquer each god’s varied attack patterns with the your maximum-stat weapons, precision, and a healthy dose of twitch-reflex.
– Open World Exploration: Explore a world filled with augments to unearth, characters to meet, and
fiends to slay. You can choose dungeons and temples in any order you wish. No restrictions.
– Ancient Storytelling: Dive into a sweeping story with mature and personal story threads. Meet characters of a bygone time and discover unique tales in each fiefdom.

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