Army Men: World War – Team Assault Walkthrough


Also known as Army Men: Team Assault. Hard difficulty.
Updated walkthrough at
If you liked Final Front then you’ll most probably enjoy this one too.

0:00:00 Menu
0:00:18 Boot Camp
0:06:50 Advanced Basic Training
0:12:15 The Escape
0:13:05 Out of the Frying Pan
0:20:23 Burn That Bridge
0:25:18 Into the Tan Camp Fire
0:31:37 Sub Stalker
0:36:12 Underground Battle
0:43:12 Dangerous Mazes
0:48:02 Aerial Defense Force
0:51:56 Desert Swarm
1:07:21 Skyline Views
1:15:05 Stop That Train!
1:18:15 High Terrain Tanks
1:30:43 City Tour
1:44:55 Search and Demolish
1:49:03 Ocean Expedition
1:54:16 Advance Team Base Assault
2:03:07 Fortress of Fire
2:12:20 Finish ‘Em Off
2:13:17 Credits

Captured at 1920x1440p, (32x CSAA), 60FPS.
Actual in-game framerate is similar to any other world war title (10-60).

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  1. one of the best game at its time, used to love it. i was always playing it it was hard backthen now it seems simple, one of my favourite

  2. I remember being stuck in the castle mission as a kid, after watching this, now I know how to pass that mission as an adult.

  3. Why your default rifle is semi automatic? I remember when play this army men my default rifle is brust fire.meanwhile your auto rifle is brust fire and i fully automatic.are this is becase different version??

  4. Dressing up as a tan soldier would be a war crime! This game thought kids some nasty things. This army men game was my favorite tho always loved that you could sneak around.

  5. I wish your team mate's could shoot the enemies when you're not controlling them. It's stupid how they'll sit and get shot at and do nothing.

  6. In the first mission, you can actually go back inside the prison camp through a cut fence(not the same one in the cutscene), its to the left. I think you can find automatic rifle and bazooka in there.


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