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Today TTPM is reviewing Boggle, a word game (Boggle Game Rules, Boggle Board Game) from Hasbro. Boggle comes with a case with electronic timer and game rules. Keep watching these review videos of kids toys.

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Product Info:
Now you can take the fun of Boggle on the go. The original three-minute word search game has been updated to feature an all-in-one, compact case that holds and locks the letter dice into place. The object of the game is the same: score points by finding connected letter dice that form words and be the player with the highest point value at the end of the game to win.

To play, twist the case to raise the lid. Shake the case to move around the lettered dice, and turn the lid to set the dice back into place in a new formation. Once the lid is closed, the built-in digital timer will automatically begin. With one minute left, the light flashes red, and at the end, the timer lets you know the round is over. You score one point for every 3–4-letter word, two points for five-letter words, and so forth, up to 11 points for words of eight letters or more. Race to see which player can list the most words.

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