Can We Afford These Prizes Challenge! | Game Changer [Full Episode]

Finally, someone combined game show prizes with the phrase “in THIS economy?!”

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41 thoughts on “Can We Afford These Prizes Challenge! | Game Changer [Full Episode]

  1. FYI if you wanna talk to Sam about Game Changer stuff and Dimension 20 reveals, text (310) 496-8371. I'm serious.

  2. Was not expecting this amount of wholesome prize winning, and graphic details of what Raph will do with that necklace

  3. I feel like they should have been able to guess if the product was there or not. Like a number and then yes or no

  4. Soooo did anybody figure out the rules? Was there any guideline to the prizes or was it really "Do they have it in the back?"

  5. So I saw that that the Boston tea party tea was already in his basket before he answered that question it was seen at 5:15 just found that kinda interesting since I'm bored due to Corona

  6. Every time I watch there content it makes me so happy. It's a group of friends doing what they love and always trying to make it the best possible situation for each other. It's absolutely wholesome and it will absolutely crush me when they're gone.

  7. The game was rigged Raph kept getting questions with nothing attached while jess got things like electric scooters and noise cancelling headphones.

  8. This was so unfair for Ralph. They hit a point about halfway through where Jess and Lily were getting stuff very regularly, but Raph had several in a row that weren't there.

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