Canon 6D vs 5D mark iii


Hands on with the new ‘entry level’ full frame camera from Canon versus it’s big sister the 5D mark 3.

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  1. I watched a lot of tutorials about Canon 6D 5D and 5D iii I hate to disagree with you but NOTHING is as good as the 6D

  2. I’m professional weeding photographer. I’ve used Canon EOS 70D. I’m prepared for update my camera.. Which full frame camera is best for still wedding photography? 6D/6D mkII/ 5D mkIII ?? anyone help me please??

  3. Personally I buy two 6d camera's instead of one 5d Mark III. Much better workflow for the price. Who needs more than the center focus point anyway?

  4. If I watch this back and compare to now where released new 6D Mark II. Will 5D Mark III win in some of the category imagine quality and focusing for taking photos on landscape and skyscrapers?

  5. For food photography and wanting crisp professional looking shots (mostly white background) which would you recommend?

  6. Focusing is a shame? I have taken great wildlife shots in Botswana. Focus is more then sufficient. Don't get to gear dependent folks!

  7. Im looking for a second body, currently shoot with a 5d3, I love the 100% viewfinder the 5d3 has. Neither 6d or 5d2 has 100% coverage.

  8. I've had the 6D for about 3 years and I still love it. I'm not a professional and I usually just take pictures of my kids and a little bit of scenery, although I have done a few photo shoots for friends and family. The focus points have never been an issue for me. I just frame my shot, move slightly to focus with the closest point, then move back. The 50mm 1.4 is a great lens with this camera, especially for portraits. The pictures can come out very sharp with a little bit of practice.

    The wifi feature really comes in handy especially at parties. I take my shots, wifi them to my phone, and send them to whoever.

    IMO, if you're not a professional, just get the 6D and a few good lenses.

  9. I spent a long time deciding between these two cameras but I went for the 6D, I think that, unless you shoot action or Wildlife, the 6D competes really well with the 5D3. I NEVER use all the focus points, I ALWAYS use the centre one and recompose. In fact, if I'm shooting landscapes I use manual focus with magnified live-view. The centre point on the 6D is superb.

    If I was shooting sports and wildlife I'd actually choose the 7D2 for the crop factor and speed.

    If I were a pro Wedding photographer I'd choose the 5D3 for it's ultimate build quality, it's a tank.

    But, for most people wanting full frame, the 6D seems to be equal, or even better, than the 5D3 for image quality. It's weather-proof enough, it's fast enough and it saves you enough money to buy the important stuff…L-series lenses.

    For a 5D3 Body I can buy a low usage 6D + 24-105 f/4 L + 85 f/1.8 + 3 Yongnuo flashguns and triggers + light stands. I mean a full kit for portraits or weddings (on a casual basis). In fact… that's exactly what i did. I'm not a pro, I don't need the ultimate in build quality.

    The 6D is a superb camera.

  10. I really don't see any point of comparing things like white balance or in-camera noise reduction. Nobody spends that much money on FF body plus lenses to shoot jpgs.. RAW white balance takes 2 seconds to fix in Lightroom.

  11. Thanks Matt, just what I was looking for. Ive just compared the 2 prices on a selling site and there didnt seam that much it them. Looks like the mk3 could be the option for me then . Thank very much. 🙂

  12. Wow, so this camera really is overpriced? How the heck are they getting away with that??? It's way too much compared to the 5D which is superior in its practical features. The 6D is the same price as some larger camcorders, while seeming to be about 5 years behind them. And now it's 4 years old, and still at the same price. What the hell?

  13. I recently bought the 6D refurbished from Canon as a Full Frame supplement to my 7D Mark II crop sensor. The 7D II is the camera I use for anything that involves lots of motion, like birds-in-flight, sports, wildlife, air shows, etc. Whereas I bought the 6D as a good full frame walk-about camera for landscapes, portraits, architecture, etc. In a pinch either camera can be used for either purpose, but the 7D is just better for action, while the 6D is preferred for the static subjects since it does have better IQ (slightly) and definitely better low-light performance. The best of both worlds.

  14. Hello there !
    i want a sincerely answer…
    have you changed your mind about your first review of 6d after compare it with supposed best FX of Canon the mark3?
    and if yes…what was the reason?
    sorry for my crap english

  15. got the 6d, image quality is almost the same with the 5dMark3 my friend is using

    the AF, the burst rate and the audio level control when shooting video on 5D tho would be a great addition of features and lets not forget the headphone jack

    all and all, for someone under tight budget like me and in malaysia one 5dm3 is double the price of a 6d, i did not regret getting the 6d

  16. I bought the 5D Mark I used a few years back using my film camera lenses. Very solid high quality but now looking for a higher ISO. Also, Compact Flash cards are now harder to find off the shelf consumer level. Personally I nearly always set the auto focus to only the single square in the middle so with price in mind the 6D looks really good. I also have never used live view. I might if I had it.

  17. Which one do you think is better for portrait (studio) and wedding photographer that I won't regret buying it? and do you recommend a good lens for me in this field ? Thank you so much.

  18. More than 3 years later, and in a photography world no longer dominated by dslrs but by phones, GoPro and mirrorless – I still love my wonderful 6D. I've got it with a 24-70 f4 and 70-300, and this team is light enough for me to carry wherever I travel. The wifi allows easy on-the-go previewing, the GPS tagging is great to retrace your steps and the files afterwards are still amazing. I can shoot -3EV shots and still recover almost everything in RAW. I've worked around the limited focusing system and learned how to nail each and every shot with minimal fiddling through menus and such – if the moment is there, I have the shot.

  19. Hi … i do photography as a hobby … so i only take portraits and street shots … is it worth buying 6d ?

  20. I use both and both are great, if its money that matters then go the 6D route, my wife shoots the 6D as its smaller and lighter.

  21. i cant get over the focus points on the 6d. ive been stumped on the purchase for weeks now for that reason only. ive test shot the 6d and all the points are in the middle as mentioned. and i dont like it. but it can be found online body only for 1000 dollars. idk

  22. yeah guys at 4.55 thats mental,lol. 6D for me though especially as a landscape shooter, the focus will be fine for me

  23. Checking few reviews on 6D thanks for the lovely short, concise and to the point review. I'm going to start my first SLR photography with 6D. Wish me some luck guys. Cheers!

  24. I swear at 4:56 in the background it looks like a ufo flies by and disappears behind the tree on the left ahah


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