cherry master dyna 8line slot PC DOWNLOAD

Cherry Master Delight Deluxe Game By Dyna – CGA 8 Liner


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8 Liner
Classic Fruit, Bar and Bell Graphics
3 Bonuses
Cherry Bonus
Bell Bonus
1Bar Bonus
200-2000 Progressive Pool – All Fruit Bonus
Progressive Watermelon Bonus
Double Up Game – High-Low Girl Card Game
Hold Pair
DIP Switch Set Up
Connects to Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness

[TAB] key to bring up the internal menu system.
[~ TILDE] the onscreen display.
[Shift-p] advance paused screen one frame at a time [p] for the pause button.
[F3] resets the game.
[F4] displays the tile manager and the game’s color palette.
[Shift-F7] save current game state [a-z, 1-0] (See save state folder view for supported games)
[F7] load game state [a-z, 1-0] (See save state folder view on left for supported games)
[F9] changes the frameskip on the fly.
[F10] toggles throttling.
[F11] toggles the speed display display. [Shift-F12] toggles MNG recording, once starts, second finishes.
[F12] takes a *.png snapshot of the game and places it in the Cherry Mastersnap directory.
[ESC] exits from the game back to the Cherry Master.
[Left-Alt + Enter] toggle from fullscreen mode to windowed mode.
[Insert] fast forwards with full unthrottle and highest frameskip, convenient for speeding through slow start-up


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