Compiled Memories Vol. 1 (feat. Ib; Witch's House; Mad Father)


GENRE: Anime/Horror (April Fools)

Three masterpiece indie horror RPGs, re-imagined into an anime.
Available in April 31, 2015

The Making:

Volume One features the following stories:

Ib (by: Kouri)

A young girl has been invited to an art gallery of the famous artist Guertena, little did she know that she will be trapped in his art forever.

Witch’s House (by: Fummy)

Viola discovers a mysterious house standing in the middle of the forest. Will she find something important inside? Or will someone find her instead?

Mad Father (by: Sen (of Miscreant’s Room))

After her mother passed away, what is left for Aya Drevis’ family to keep going is her father’s love. Regardless if she knows her father’s secret.

Directed by: Mike Inel

Game Translation by: VGPerson

Coming Soon:
Volume Two will feature the following:
Misao, Ao Oni, and April Fools.


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  1. Nostalgia hits in me on this one
    Dem how many years has its been
    Where You Need to figure the puzzle out
    Chasing scenes gets you shout
    But The Endings Are All Emotional
    I wish i could go back where im just playing these games unlike now

    Time sure flies

  2. Most kids went through an angsty teen phase. I went through a RPG maker phase where I watched them narrate by some of my favorite youtubers. And in those moments before bad I was whisked away to a world of horror emotion and art. I miss those days. Three cheers for three amazing games.

  3. When I was like seven years old a friend of mine showed me
    a song about the Witchs House and so I wanted to find out
    the full story. And that led me to the most Amazing person
    that is know for this saying "You Do You, And I'll Do Me. We
    Won't Do Each Other Probably" and that person is………….
    ✨ Markiplier ✨. From that day on I became a fan
    Love ya Mark~ Ik no one asked but….. 😛

  4. Top rpg maker that i want as a anime
    1.Witch's heart
    2.Mogeko castle
    4.grey garden
    5.your turn to die
    7.noel mortal fate

  5. Aaaah and I'm here again, six years later… don't you want to do a Kickstarter for this ? x') Hahaha, it was soooo good !


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