Crime Wave DOS Longplay (1/4)


This is a longplay of Crime Wave originally published by Access in 1990 for DOS. This game appears to be entirely missing from Youtube and deserves to be on here if for no other reason than the hero’s sunglasses, not to mention the pink ninjas.

I heard about this game when I saw a list of the worst ever game cover art a while back and had to pick up a copy when I saw it for 99p on ebay. It’s not exactly a classic although the cutscenes are fun. To be fair to Access this was one of the earlier games to have VGA graphics and the sound is all coming out a PC speaker using their RealSound system which was good for those of us who couldn’t afford a sound card. All the VGA graphics meant this came on a ridiculous number of 5 1/4 inch floppy’s. Despite all the floppy’s the gameplay is very repetitive so I’d advise skipping through most of this.


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  1. Access Software's crowning achievement! CrimeWave really pushed the envelope in the early 90s, particularly given the rather humble gaming legacy DOS had until then. Played this all the way through several times.

    Crack Mack always cracked me up! The gratuitously pervy cutscenes with the bound hostage were brilliant too! ;^)

  2. You know I only just recently listened to the Pink Floyd album "a momentary lapse of reason" and I was like, hey the bass line there sounds like that old game I used to play as a kid "crime wave". I guess they just sampled enough to use it for free eh?

  3. For some reason I've remembered this thing and decided to search for it. I've remembered that I've started it with crime.exe. After maybe 30 minutes of search I'm here 🙂

  4. I loved this game! Back in the early 80's my dad owned a computer shop in a small town which is the equivalent of owning a cell phone company when the sh1t got hot. Anyway i always played this game on a demo pc in the lobby. Good times

  5. Where did You download it? My versions run extremally slow, either run on dosbox or on computer with win 3.1 and dos installed. Do You have any suggestion how to run the game so smoothly as in the video?


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