Dynamite Shack Game #4985, 1968 Milton Bradley

​​​Try doing your nails with these giant thumbs! This is from the 1968 Milton Bradley game Dynamite Shack.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: What a fun game! You wear giant pink thumbs to pick up little sticks of dynamite. The object is to be the first person to put all of their dynamite in the dynamite shack before the roof blows off! It is a fast paced game where you are constantly switching thumbs and adding your dynamite to the shack! Great family game night!


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38 thoughts on “Dynamite Shack Game #4985, 1968 Milton Bradley

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  2. My brother won this game at a school carnival in '72. I remember the whole neighborhood coming over to play it in the backyard. (Mom, made us play it outside-no dynamite explosion's in the house!)

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