EA Play 2019's Anthem segment makes everyone depressed


Somehow EA Play 2019 was worse than a normal EA E3 conference, even more so if you are Ben Irving. But don’t worry guys, they have your favorite (kinda) funny guy Greg Miller to yell and scream Star Wars at you while looking like a Skaven. Anthem is depressing enough to talk about, the Cataclysm update is more depressing, but add Greg Miller into the mix? I’d rather watch Ninja on NYE.

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  1. *Anthem makes everyone depressed
    *Greg Miller talking to you for three seconds or longer makes anyone depressed

  2. I like that guy, he seems nice and aware of his shortcomings. The interviewer however as one of those spineless jerks who sucked up to the bully at school.

  3. Bioware was great for mass effect and making anthem they made worst decision and dying
    Bethesda audience:- YEAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

    Bioware:- 2:26

  4. Everytime i watch this video i laught a lot, my gf broke with me but i'm ok right now. This video is the salvation of the humanity

  5. Anthem Trailer looks great
    explanation sounds like a MMORPG

    Anthem launched
    It's a looter shooter and not free
    Me"what the hell this isn't what we were promised "

  6. Anthem is the first game that’s actually made me feel like I wanna strangle someone.. Like every NPC in Fort Tarsis.

    These NPC’s are unbearable! The entire place that is “Fort Tarsis” is unbearable.

    This game should’ve bin much better..

    I’m insulted this was actually released under these conditions..

    I heard some not so great things about Anthem before buying the game on sale..I had no idea it was this terrible.

    The combat is bugged as of today.. Enemy’s will glitch in & out of the game before dying.. Also regaining health randomly after almost being killed off.

    I don’t even know why I started mentioning what was wrong with this game.. There’s just so fcking much wrong with Anthem.

    Flying is kinda fun.. that’s if you didn’t have to land for 15 sec every 25-30 secs..

    Combat would be”fun” if it wasn’t so plagued with issues.

    I’ve played around 15 hours of Anthem.. I wanted to stop playing 12 hours ago.

    I’m not sure if this games fixable.. They’d be better off making a totally new game.

  7. This is one of my all-time favourite videos. Generations from now, people will ask ‘why did you like that video so much?’.

    ‘tis a long story, my friend. Actually no, it’s very short: Anthem was overhyped and sucks ass.

  8. This should be a lesson for every big developer out there that these big publishers are only here for profits and to suck every last bit of soul juice out of its workers as long as they make an extra buck. I hope more devs take the Bungie route and start breaking off from them, they are a cancer to gaming and creativity

  9. omfg I just realized that Ben Irving is nearly my twin… we have the exactly the same face and hair … so shocked ! I hate him for years and for all games he leaded to a certain death (SWTOR, etc.).

  10. 7 years…. could have made 3 Dragon Ages, 5 Baldurs Gates in that time… yet they blew it on Anthem. Fuck Bioware and fuck EA!

  11. And the depression was real cause yesterday he left the studio… Boy we were right about this game even before the launch 🙁 It's so fucking sad for the people working on this

  12. i almost felt bad for him here. almost. then i remembered hes part of the problem. dude messed up swtor so bad and then carried over to anthem. RIP

  13. Oh my god. That was……actually brutal. I had no idea this even happened.

    In other news: Ben Irving just quit Bioware today.


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