Fictional Friends


The dangers of becoming addicted to fictional universes and the heartbreak that ensues when they inevitably betray you. Click here: to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos! 😀

This may or may not explain what I have spent most of my time doing recently. ..make sure to tell me what you’re watching/being heartbroken by at the moment! You guys have good taste so I look forward to seeing it. haha.

dw I’ve taken the picture of Daenerys off my pillow now.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever cried as hard as I did when I finished the last episode of Babylon 5, and I have PTSD.

  2. When the fictional universe you've fallen for is a film that's hardly 2 hours and has two microscopic prologues

  3. This is me with Dan and Phil’s Sim series. At one point, I was worried that the speaker would kill him more than acing my test.

  4. Dan quotes us thinking: "I would rather live in that universe than this one."
    Dan: reasons why we're not thinking this through, those universes are nasty.
    Me: Bub, that's why I write Phanfic. I've got a universe to retreat to that is a whole lot nicer than this one.

  5. " I get exhausted when I check the mail, I have the skills of a disabled platypus I wouldn't survive in the Dora the Explorer universe"

    Dan is the mood of all moods

  6. I've watched 20 seasons of Doctor Who in the last 2 days.
    And when I'm not doing that, I'm reading fanfiction, writing fanfiction, and listening to Doctor Who-based music.

    And you.. are you trying to challenge me? K-9!

  7. "When you realize you have to wait a year for a new season you lose all purpose of life…thank god for the internet" me crying cause dan has not posted in a year: yah thanks internet sniffles

  8. There are too many. I no joke got so depressed after watching Steven universe future as seeing some one I love hurt like that I legit couldn’t eat for a bit, I was so sad and I moped around and cried. I get way way way too invested in the lives of characters from Supernatural to bojack horseman to adventure time to mha literally anything. I legit have a problem

  9. It’s been seven years and im proud to say the sherlock fandom actually has twelve episodes now, thanks

  10. I Have Too Many Too Count
    -The Mandalorian
    -Doctor Who
    -Once Upon A Time
    -Tales Of Arcadia
    -Fawlty Towers


  11. “Most fictional universes are horrible! There’s war and violence and aliens and danger” 2020 really is dystopic huh


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