GRID Autosport Proper DRAG RACING DLC!!?? – Game is HARD!! w/Staging & Working Tree

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[Video Specific]

Standing L Shape Studio Desk

Wheel Setup #1
Thrustmaster TX-XW Base
Thrustmaster Rally Wheel Add-on
T3PA Pro Pedals (Inverted)
TH8A Shifter w/Short Shifter
Thrustmaster Sparco Handbrake
Next Level Racing GT Track Rig

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Wheel Setup #2
Fanatec V2.5 Base
Clubsport wheel Add-on
CSL Pedals w/Load cell brake
Wheelstandpro Custom chassis
Fanatec Handbrake
Derek Speare Designs Button Box

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Music Used by
Chuki HipHop –

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  1. 11:19 566km/h absolute realistic XD I mean it looks and sound 10000 times better than the Street Outlaws bullshit game but hmm…I am looking for a good Drag Racing game but it seems there is none!?!

  2. No entiendo como con semejante desarrollo de estos juegos, semejante investigación, semejantes gráficos…. no son capaces de esmerarse en que las velocidades a las que llegan los autos y la sensacion de la velocidad sea mas parecida a lo real. Ningún auto de 1/4 de milla, ni un "funny car", llega a 600 km/h, es una payasada. Quieren hacer un simulador pero en algo tan escencial como eso no hay neuronas puestas…. Una pena, esto pasa en varios juegos actuales y no puedo entender por que…

  3. I swear a proper drag mode in forza would break the racing game community, seriously. Where you could from a 10 inch tire up to a 33 inch tire with drag tuning and mechanics, be able to do a burnout and enter the staging process on your own. Not the computer doing it on its own. Man I wouldn't leave the house. Esp online. Have it where you start as a grass roots drag racer in a junked out foxbody or s 10 and have to work your way up to a pro mod style purpose built drag car and compete in cash day style tournaments like no prep street outlaw events. You'd gain a unbelievable amount of gamers. Just look at the success of the mobile drag racing games like door slammers or no limit. If it can be done on a phone just imagine the potential if forza incorporated that into there next racing game. Wow, just imagining it gets me excited.

  4. Hey man, cool video! Check mine out here, , where at 24 second mark you'll see my setup in action with butterfly steering wheel.

    But it's nice to see so many of you here, especially Slap, showing some appreciation for the effort that Codies put into this. It had its drawback, like no burnouts, poor staging procedure, unrealistic track distance, etc., bit it was still pretty cool after you tweak some things. I'm still hoping to talk Codies into taking another stab at it! Maybe if enough of us contact them asking for it, they'll consider it.

  5. I like you and everything but your gameplay dont do this no justice bro why do you give it everything from the start bro NO SPIN you make it look like toddler racing maybe stick to the sideways action. the uncontrolled action.

  6. I've watched alot of your videos and by a long shot drag racing isnt your thing….dont know how old this video is but I'd watch more.see if u master it or not.

  7. You're so noob. You never ever drag race in real life bro? Go out from your room and let's try drag race in real life so you Will know what's rules of drag race

  8. So game is this on and it would be nice to see a NHRA or so type of drag racing game with cars and motorcycles and be able to customize

  9. really how hard is it to "nail" the physics on drag racing you keep hyping it up but theres not really alot of physics involved with going straight


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