How to Identify Male and Female Chicks


How to Identify Male and Female Chicks
Identify Male OR Female Chickens :-
The Easiest And Professional way to determine the Sex of an Adolescent Baby Chicken is by Examining the Feathers Of Their Wings. Female Chickens Has Combination Of Long And Short Feathers Where As Male Chicken Has Adequate Wing Feathers. Check The Sex Of Baby Chicks At The Age of 4-7 Days For Best Results……All The Best

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  2. You said 3-7 days for best results but what if both whole wings have already developed colour? Ours is already roughly about a month old.

  3. this dude is wrong female chickens have light wings males have dark wings so this dude is wrong I don't know if he is a girl or a boy I just don't know but this dude is freaking dumb he doesn't even know how to identify chickens baby chickens.

  4. As a novice I really wish you would have verbally explained this. Some of these looked the same to me. Also you did not explain why some of them had more wing feathers more developed. City guy here it would have helped a little more. Thanks for the video.

  5. That's good that i watched this video because i learned how to identify Male and female chicks.
    Like this comment! 👍👍👍
    Bye everyone! 😀😀😀😀

  6. This is the best chick sexing video I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love how gentle you are with them. I’ve seen other videos and the poor chicks are struggling and peep very loudly and seem like they’re in a lot of pain. Baby chick lives matter!

  7. Is this a foolproof way of knowing which chick is male and which is female? Also it seemed a little difficult to know exactly which is male and which is female despite you telling us how to identify. I guess that wud come with a little practise. But a Big Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  8. Bro I'm right now 31 years old, before this video I never find out male or female chicks, right now we are planning for planning for chicken farm, I think this video will help me a lot.. 👍

  9. so i have a flock of 40 babay New hampshire red chicks. im a beginner at this. how can I tell hens from roosters? the chicks are only 4weeks old. please help.Also what does a dark line on the beak mean? only a few have the line. thank you

  10. There is another way but only 70% for sure. Rosster has bigger feet, head is rounded as a ball , so the body. Hen has smaller legs, head has oval shape , so the body cpmpare to rosster. So who ever want to pick up the most cutest chicks will end up with all roosters because those baby roosters are so bluffy ans so cute !

  11. മുത്തെ നിന്നെ കിട്ടും,.ഏത്കോഴിയിൽനിന്ന്കിട്ടും


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