How to Make a Fish Cleaning Table – Work Station


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A dedicated fish cleaning table is a great addition to any dock and makes for easy clean up after a day of crabbing or fishing. I use treated lumber for the frame and base, scraps of IPE for the cutting surface and some composite fascia board from a recent decking project. I added a hose holder to the base for easy wash down. Thanks to ACE Hardware and Teknor Apex hoses for sponsoring this project:

Ace Hardware:

Teknor Apex Garden & Marine Hoses:

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  1. Would have liked a longer/closer look at the finished table. I’d like to consider the detail a little longer.

  2. Piece of artwork.
    Oh! ..and the table ain't bad either. Enjoyed your video and desperately need this table. 🎣

  3. I just read in an old book that if you screw/ nail bottle caps down to a board it makes a go0d fish scale remover

  4. Life time fisherman and the table has three design: 1) too slippery. Almost every fish that has been in an ice cooler for several hours will be slimy by the time you want to clean them. It needs to have a rough surface. Keep a large, hard bristled brush tied to the table and between the brush and natural water pressure you should be able to blow off any scale, slime or guts. 2) No backwards slope. You don't want your fish flying away from you when you cutting on it. Keep the surface flat. Any water used to clean the fish will run off naturally between the board or blow off from the pressure of the water. 3) The front needs to be flush. When you file a fish, you bring it to the front so your hand is free to move up and down the fish's spine.

  5. Very nice, John. Interesting, whenever you walk up to a fish cleaning table in the FL keys, you almost instantly get an audience of 15 to 20 pelicans waiting for handouts. Always reminds me of a preacher leading his congregation.

  6. Another great deign and build! Love your channel. P.s. I recently installed the same deck as you…. same color even. Mine water stains pretty bad… looks kinda ugly real,quick, you finding the same thing?

  7. Dang……I like the way you think, great job with the proper amount of thought put into this project, well done, thanks for sharing. I will continue to watch your vids, keep em coming.


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