Kaspersky vs Avast vs ESET Detection test


Kaspersky vs Avast vs ESET Detection test on Windows 10 64bit.
I suggest you to watch whole video.
Everything is default. Open me for DETAILS.

Because someone said I need to Change my setting in kaspersky in Scan. Action on threat detection then delete.
here the video After I change that

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  1. Guys what you got from kaspersky if it can find undisinfectable file you need reboot your if anyone don't knows how to reboot computer computer is gg if you want no reboot use hitman pro

  2. Some antivirus software 'disinfect' instead of 'delete' so you have to have a look inside the folder.

  3. avast is shit this test doesnt change that fact. eset and kaspersky have way more accurate signatures, avast has lots of false positives. if you want higher detection rate with kaspersky and eset you have to enable potentially unwanted program (PUP) detection.

  4. Farcry3.exe: help im sick
    Kaspersky: its ok let me HEAL(disinfect)you
    Avast: your sick just let me ERASE you.

  5. I have used kaspersky total security. TOTAL SECURITY! YOU GET IT? and i got a simple rootkit and my pc almost died. Kaspersky detected the virus after 10 min. In 10 min, pc can die.

  6. I'm late here but I got to say that I've been using AVAST for more than 10 years and has never failed on me, the days when AVAST had the ugliest interface ever but it did good a job detecting viruses. I remember I did a test like this more than 10 years ago with an infected computer. I run NOD ESET and Kaspersky, they both didn't detect anything, when I run AVAST it automatically detected and cleaned up my PC. Since that day, I've been 100% AVAST customer. Best Anti virus ever. People think nowadays AVAST sucks lmao but I'm just glad AVAST is free now.

  7. kaspersky no 1 av but i am using eset 8 kaspersky is not posible to hack licence only trial reset but i hate trial

  8. I use eset for many years and it does not leave in the hand the kaspersky and good but it can not have the impact of lightness like the eset that does not leave loses the peformance of the machine and a sensation that neither antivirus has

  9. +Securit First Please tell me what to do when my antivirus detects chrome.exe as a vulnerable application.

  10. Nein! "Avast!" just can't beat ESET and Kasperky, that's just impossible, if this video would be real, it would mean that the County Council Salaj and ADR ROMANIA & EUROPE are under high risk, which definetly aren't. Both use only ESET and Kasperky.


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