Sorry for the shocking audio..
Here we have the Mini Games required for the Mini Game Maniac Trophy, I’m not sure if the Owls Nut Game is part of it but there’s nothing in the Journal.

Vine Jump – 0:00 – Get to the end.
Jungle Slide – 0:56 – Collect all fruit
Honey Hunt – 3:36 – Get 100 licks
Pooh’s Swing – 4:40 – Get over 40 yards. Push when the owls wings rise.
Muddy Path – 5:01 – Return all Pooh’s friends in under 5 minutes.
Block Tigger – 7:13 – Score over 150 points
Giant Pot – 8:28 – Score up to 20.
Phil Cup Solo 0 8:48 – Beat the Solo Challenger.

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I’m attempting to create guides that are both quick & informative
so there’s less watching & more playing, it’s a work in progress!


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  1. You just need to have the game registered in your journal, I don't think you need to reach these point/time goals in order to actually get the trophy

  2. I made it to 30 but once I got to to the next fork to go right it was blocked by a big tree branch and forced me to go left, then it ended. Is it supposed to do that? Do I have to slide all over again each time?

  3. I did the ropes .and it wont show on my stats plus the slide every time I go in the tunnel part it doesn't let me go the direction u went. Help sny one

  4. If i want to complete Jiminy's Journal do I have to not only complete all the Jungle Slider courses, but acquire all the fruit in them as well or can i skip out on some of the fruit so long as I finish the course?

  5. I don't have the stats that you put on your description, yet I still got the trophy. (Note I was at the launch event in Anaheim and got early copies, so it may be a glitch).

    Are those objectives required for Deep Dive secret ending?

  6. Thanks for this one! And ty the ultimate syntha guide :)! It really helped 🙂 One thing tho… when i was farming for mythril… it said in you descrp that angel star drops it, and yes they do but it has 1% chance… but the behemoth has 20% so i'd say it's better to farm him


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