NES Longplay [607] Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League (Fan Translation)


Played by: Reinc

After winning the previous soccer tournament Kunio gathers captains of the defeated teams to represent Japan at the World Cup.

Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League is a soccer-themed game in the Kunio-kun Nekketsu High School series, best known for River City Ransom. It is the sequel to Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu Soccer-hen, known as World Cup Soccer in English versions. The game was never released overseas, but there was a (inferior) Nintendo DS remake called River City Soccer Hooligans. As with other Nekketsu titles, this game features a wide variety of special moves, combat-like competition, hazardous arenas and a simple comical plot.

Each character has four stats: power, shot, defence and energy type (which probably means running speed). Each teammate has his own special moves and personal preferences regarding the items and positions on the field you give them. The happier your players are the more likely they are to comply with your commands and the more efficiently they play. Each enemy team has a unique special shot, their players have some common special moves too.

There are six game modes: singleplayer story mode; 2-player story mode (2p controls a goalkeeper); 2-player versus mode; 4-player versus mode (1p vs 3p, with 2p and 4p as goalkeepers); singleplayer and 2-player penalty kick modes. The player can only directly control a captain of their team, while giving commands to their AI-controlled teammates on what to do, and in which direction. You can save your progress in story mode by using passwords. The password for each match is shown on the Results board.

Played on Hard difficulty. Although I manage my team poorly, I try to show pretty much everything there is in this game. After the credits I show a compilation of losing cutscenes and South Korea’s special shot.


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  1. This is cool. However, I prefer the previous game where Kunio's dodge ball team helps the soccer club. Anyway, I love how in this one, since it's basically Japan doing international matches, they picked characters into the team from the teams that oppose you in the previous game. Teams Students, Mob, Samurai, Fighters, Miners, Psychics and Fishermen at least all seem to be represented by one player. Also Genei, the star player of the Nekketsu Soccer Club.

    I find this game a bit bloated with its features, and it's really slow. Too bad there wasn't a Sharp X68000 port. Despite Famicom winning with the musics, Sharp has the best port of the previous game (better than PC Engine versions, too). On Sharp this game could've been faster, and if the constant super use / easy dribbling had been restrained, this could've been an awesome sequel. Very disappointing musics, though (again, comparing to the previous game).

  2. Recuerdo que cuando mi papa me compro este juegazo no paraba de jugar con mi hermano con mis amigos a pequeños torneos que haciamos en casa , que bellos recuerdos y que risas ;,) .

  3. Estan mejor mis tácticas de juego no e encontrado a un buen rival para mí me gustaría jugarlo con alguien experto como yo y tener un buen rival

  4. My fav character is that girl (no idea look like girl tho) donno name coz my version is in Japanese.
    Who uses double jump and super skill score the goal on my team just love her shoot. Lol

  5. Wow i played this all the time on my famiclone but everything was in either Japanese or Chinese, i could never understand what any of the screens said until now lol, but this was awesome at the time, i really liked the celebrations and the animations in between screens, never changed any tactics because i never understood the text but now it seems ever more amazing how it factored in the team's mood and stuff like that

  6. In Nepal, Nes was still a HUGE deal even less than 15 years ago and me and my brother used to absolutely love this game

  7. I had the japanese version of this i didnt understand shit but i liked this game so much piece of art this game !!!!!

  8. OMG played this game a lot back in childhood but just learned that you can give items to team members and interact with them

  9. Yo también sabia cambiar los personajes aún que el mío estaba en japonés pero curiosiando por ahí lo logré en mi Playstation

    Se puede jugar en PC?

  10. I was the best player in town
    I used to play it day and night
    I had a Japanese version of it and I didn't understand the names and ext.. So I gave the players names lol
    This is My Childhood ❤

  11. uf que recuerdos en mi pais lo consegui con el nombre de goal 3. Este juego lo tenia todo. las canchas variaban, caian truenos, tornados, habia fango que te frenaba la marcha, podia golpear con codo, pie, patada voladora y otras tecnicas. Vaya que me he reido con las caras que ponian cuando los golpeabas. El sonido era simplemente epico.

  12. Anyone else here after hearing about the new game "Captain Tsubasa"? I still prefer this one tho, looks more fun.


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