Nintendo World Cup – ALL SUPER SHOTS (including two secret super shots of USA)


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  1. Everything that FIFA is missing from EA and will ever be missing. / Alles das was FIFA von EA fehlt und jemals fehlen wird. / Todo lo que la FIFA le falta a EA y siempre le faltará. / Все, что FIFA отсутствует в EA и будет когда-либо отсутствовать. / Tout ce que la FIFA manque à EA et le sera toujours. / EA遺失的FIFA一切都將永遠消失。

  2. i was playing it in japanese i think its nanakstu or something like that still dont know how to shoot the supershoot without jumping or heas

  3. i remember u had a cerrtain lineup and they were the fastest and the hardest players.i knew which one is the best goalkeeper etc.

  4. DAMNNN!! I totally forgot that game. That nostalgia! I have play so many hours on that masterpiece. Remember kill all the other players with tackle ahah.
    Good time

  5. ah childhood memories doesn't get any better, setting yourself up then telling your team member "pass it" then …. BOOOM!, GOAL!!!
    though i must admit sometimes i reckon my teams AI isn't as good as the opponents teams AI
    also how come when i verse USA their super kick is one of those diagonal oval football like shapes


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