PC Engine Longplay [043] Magical Chase


Played by: Kimu-kun

Released by Quest in 1991 (1993 in USA), Magical Chase puts you on the broom as Ripple, an apprentice witch, who accidentally took a look inside a forbidden book, and the demons got out of it.
Ripple’s teacher wants all the monsters back in the book, or else she’ll turn Ripple into a frog.
Not hesitating, Ripple got her broom, and her elf stars Topsy and Turvy, and flies out to shmup heaven!

I am (poorly) playing on the Waku Waku (Bumpy) difficulity. Raku Raku (Breezy) ends after 3 seals.

This is, without doubt, THE rarest TurboChip/HuCard available, next to Sapphire and Darius Alpha!
I used the Japanese version of the game, and yes, there are some changes, like a few graphical changes. That, and I can’t find a good dump of the (U) version.

The graphics are incredibly colorful and vibrant, with a whole jug of cuteness added for taste!

The music in the game is freaking epic, so much so, I decided to record all of them, almost all of them from the hidden Sound Test (Left, Down, Right, Up, Select x3, Left, Right, II), except for the Waku Waku/Doki Doki (Rough) ending, which I recorded from the HES. Here, have a listen!

The controls are smooth, but the control of the twin stars takes some time. You press I when not shooting to set the position of the stars, I while shooting locks the stars in the direction they are facing.

You can buy spells, extra heart containers, elixirs (Replenishes all health when depleted), power-ups and brooms for speed with all the crystals you find from enemies and cleared stages.

There are spells in the game, one that restores 2 hearts, one that eliminates all enemies, and one that destroys all bullets. How to use it? Tap II twice.

It was later ported to Game Boy Color as Magical Chase GB in 2000.

I hope you enjoy the longplay, despite how much I suck at cute-em-ups. (Hey, at least I am honest!)

1st Seal: 00:57
2nd Seal: 05:51
3rd Seal: 10:11
4th Seal: 14:26
5th Seal: 20:24
Final Seal: 25:10
Ending: 31:36

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  1. Technical freaks ,,How did they managed to get 3 overlapping scrolling backgrounds running on a pce console wich has only 1 background layer????

    Unless they used complicated animated updated tile sets, unless they used parallax scrolling with tons of sprites on top of it,or they used extra V RAM. and used an extra chip to pipe it’s backgrounds to the ppu while the ppu pumps it’s frontgrounds on top of it,or it’s a combination of both.

  2. I'm still asking myself why the gbc version has a loli in the shop instead of pumpkin head.
    not that I'm complaining though, I wish the loli was in the home console version too.

  3. When I was a kid I left a bunch of Turbo games laying around the floor. Most where very common games like Power Golf and Alien Crush. Just a lot of games that are easy to find. My sister's dog decided to chew up only one game out of the 20 or so and it was Magical Chase. I don't want to know how much this game is worth now.

  4. OH MY GOD
    I just noticed about 28:32 , the movements of the shield of the boss actually mimicks yours. It took me like 3 years to find notice that, good lord.

  5. Ripple is soo adorable compared to other anime witches but idk why the game never had cutscenes. unless the plot of the game was in the manual. i wanted to see ripples adorable face closer if the game had cutscenes.

  6. Why is the music is so good? It's because it was done by Hitoshi Sakimoto, famous for Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Radiant Silvergun to name a few.

  7. @teckwerks
    And I have it all on my profile if you'd like to listen to it, even one unused track still in the sound test! ^^

  8. @schoolfilmer

    – It's incredible what they could do without the CD-addon, eh? –

    They could do quite a bit. It's just hucards were phased out early on in its life span. CD addon doesn't add much of anything hardwise that hucards can't already do, except the usual CD audio and CD storage.

  9. "This is, without doubt, THE rarest TurboChip/HuCard available, next to Sapphire and Darius Alpha!
    I used the Japanese version of the game, and yes, there are some changes, like a few graphical changes. That, and I can't find a good dump of the (U) version." – only the US version is rare. It also has some nice graphics upgrades in the first stage over this JP version.

  10. @schoolfilmer

    Might be, but the problem is, EVERY LongPlay on cubex55's channel has at least 1 thumbs down. 🙁

    And let's be honest, they don't deserve it for their hard work.

  11. @Bastiest

    Of course I know, but I thought that you didn't know what schoolfilmer meant with "Turbo".

    Oh well, was probably just a misunderstanding then.

  12. @schoolfilmer

    Heh, and I thought I would be the only one. XD

    By the way, why is there always at least 1 thunbs down on the Longplays?! WTH?!

  13. @Bastiest
    It's a shame this game didn't do too well, hm?
    The same can be said about the Turbo's sale figures. (But it was a great console!)

  14. @schoolfilmer Not really, PC-engine was superior to NES, SNES, Sega Master system and Genesis/Mega Drive before they were even invented. =)


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