Phum Viphurit – Lover Boy [Official Video]


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Lyrics By Phum Viphurit
Arranged & Produced by Phum Viphurit & Anucha Ocharoen
Bass Recording : Tanapon Santiwattana
Recording Engineer : Anucha Ocharoen
Mixed and Mastered by Anucha Ocharoen

A film by : Khamkwan Duangmanee


Wandering the streets all through the night,
Searching for the one to make me right.
Wondering if she’s the shade of you,
And If so, should I try to see it through.

Darling, I got my trust issues.
Warning, you stay away.
If we meet at the rendezvous,
take me away, Sunray

Time and toys,
May fill my heart with joy,
I’ll know peace when I’m your lover boy.

I’ll be your new school soul.
Silver and gold.
New desire.
Friends on fire.
Call me ‘lover boy’


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  1. I cant pin point it but his singing and style of singing is is very similar to a old singer i use to listen to but I cant remember the persons name god this is frustarting me🤬🤬🤬

  2. Fuck the girl why is she in the mv nobody cares about her why does she even have that hairstyle if shes gonna mess it up fuck her

  3. If you like some songs on here, I think you'd like this too!
    Reppin the PH!

    Frank Ocean Cover – Godspeed

  4. I liked this song till I saw how creepy the video was… It's not cute to follow someone, that's stalking, it doesn't matter if you put a cute song while you do it…

  5. First time hearing this song today and I dig it. Her hair reminds me of a time when I was clubbing in Taiwan…


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