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Poppin Hoppies is an action game where players try to be the first to assemble a plastic man. In order to build your man, you must catch Poppin Hoppies.

To start, place all the plastic body pieces in separate piles. Then place the Poppin Hoppies on their respective colored circles on the game board. Then set the Poppin Hoppies by pressing down on the top of them until the suction cup sticks firmly. The Poppin Hoppies will click into a squat position. Then all players wait for the Poppin Hoppies to pop up. This can take 20 seconds or more. The Poppin Hoppies will pop up at random, so only one may pop at a time or several will pop together. All players try to catch the Poppin Hoppies before they fall. If a Poppin Hoppie falls on the table or floor, it must be reset on its matching color circle right away. The round is over when the last Poppin Hoppie has been caught. Then, each player takes a matching color body part piece for every Poppin Hoppie he or she has caught. If a player has not caught any Poppin Hoppies, he or she does not take any pieces at the end of that round.

To assemble a plastic man, a player will need one head, one body, two arms, and two legs. Matching colors cannot touch, so, for instance, a player cannot put a pink head on a pink body. Players must include at least one piece of each color in his or her figure. A player cannot use more than two pieces of the same color in his or her figure.

If a player needs a specific piece in a specific color, he or she may exchange any one of the pieces in his or her figure for an unused piece of the color. However, a Poppin Hoppie of the color needed must be caught first. If a player catches two Poppin Hoppies of the same color in the same round, he or she may take one piece of that color from an opponent’s figure or from the table.

Poppin Hoppies comes with seven Poppin Hoppies, four plastic men sets, a game board, and rules of play. The game is for two to four players.

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