Ram Ranch Slams Europe – Hearts of Iron IV: Gachimuchi

I’m aware Ram Ranch has nothing to do with this. But boy, you try and find a title for this video. I’ll take suggestions below.

Gonna use that shooting clip a whole lot more, don’t you worry. It’s just playing on repeat as I set up this video.


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31 thoughts on “Ram Ranch Slams Europe – Hearts of Iron IV: Gachimuchi

  1. Welp, I’m fairly sure that was against just about every religion ever, as well as several secular worldviews.

  2. "I just wanted to invade my neighbors and everything went fucking wrong both times!"

    Well, I guess he knows what it feels like to be German now. 🤣

  3. Not gonna lie, on the title, I thought the country was shaped like a blood-stained YouTube like button.

  4. “I just wanted to invade my neighbors but everything went fucking wrong… both times!”
    Germany in a nutshell

  5. Try again and annex Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania and Czechoslovakia. That’s how you turn your whole nation into a giant cock on the map you can truly be proud of… unless you think it’d seem like you’re compensating for something if you did 🤣

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