Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan Mobile Game | Part 1: Menus and Nendou's stage



English translations of all menus and written dialogue from the new mobile game that came out on April 16th, 2018. Doubles as a guide to play the game*. I timed things pretty badly here so, any time you see a bunch of English text on screen, it’d be a good idea to pause before it all disappears.

This took me an absurd amount of time to edit regardless of the crappy result, so I probably won’t be doing Kaidou’s stage for a long while unless people actually want to see it.


0:35 Gacha
1:36 Home screen
2:02 Mission screen
2:25 Team organization screen
3:29 User Profile screen
4:14 Shop screen
4:30 Battle menu
4:36 Event 1
4:57 Nendou’s Stage map
5:08 Event 1 continuation (first stage event)
5:36 Battle 1 (with instructions)
7:13 Event 2
7:48 Battle 2
9:55 Battle 3
13:03 Battle 4
15:00 Event 3
15:41 Battle 5
17:44 Battle 6 (first encounter with flying enemies)
21:54 Battle 7 (first use of an item–I forgot to translate it but it just increases the rate at which combos come out)
23:01 I couldn’t find this while I was editing OTL
24:03 Battle 8
25:32 Battle 9
27:47 Event 4
28:30 Battle 10 (final boss)
30:10 Event 5 (final)
31:17 Sneak peek into Kaidou’s stage
31:20 Grabbing things to gacha with
32:19 ANGER and I forgot to translate this too but, if you have enough diamonds for another try, you can click the もう一度 button to gacha again without going back to the main screen
33:25 Gallery screen
33:34 Translation of Saiki’s character card (coffe jelly version)
33:35 Translation of Nenou’s character card (boobage version)
33:35 Voice and sprites of said card
34:05 Translation of Kaidou’s character card
34:12 Translation of Kuboyasu’s character card (BFF version)
34:18 Voice and sprites of said card
34:49 “Kusuo’s room” screen
35:36 Login bonus explanation
35:33 Options menu
36:19 Translation of Saiki + Kaidou + Nendou combo
36:19 Translation of Nendou + Hairo combo
36:56 Translation of Kuboyasu + Kaidou combo
37:17 Translation of Kusuo + Grandpa combo
37:42 Scenario recollection gallery (eg. past events dialogue)

Here’s a list of translations for the non-daily missions, starting from ψ難好き (may update later with a fresh copy of the game):

Logged in a total of 30 days
Cleared the main story stages with 10 gold rankings
Cleared the main story stages with 50 silver rankings
Defeated Gorilla-Nendou 50 times
Defeated Ike-san 100 times
Defeated Teruhashi’s brother 50 times
Defeated Sumo-Nendou 50 times
Defeated Thug-Kaidou 10 times
Defeated Beserk-Puppet-Nendou 3 times
Cleared 100 stages
Played daily gatcha once (requires actual $$)
Used ‘Synchronicity’ (シンクロニシティ) once (an item that raises the chance of getting combos)
Used ‘Mind Control’ (マインドコントロール) 5 times (an item that gives all skills max charge at the start of the battle)
Used ‘Restoration Power’ (復元能力) 5 times (an item that allows the player’s stamina to stay unused for 30 minutes)
Used ‘Clairvoyance’ (千里眼) 5 times (an item that multiplies experience gain by 2 in 30 minutes)
Used 3000 coffee jellies
Collected three different versions of Teruhashi
Collected 40 different characters
Collected 7 one-star characters
Collected 15 two-star characters
Collected 15 three-star characters
Collected 5 four-star characters
Added a password for data transfer

And here’s the daily mission list (seems to be the same every day):

Won 5 battles
Won battle by using a skill (I guess this means ‘while a skill is still active’)
Won battle by using a combo
Cleared a battle with gold-ranking time
Cleared all daily missions

(*) A grave mistake I made while playing said game: using skills too soon. As will be mentioned in later parts of the video, my eyes basically glazed over the buff-activated-now icons the entire time, so I thought it perfectly fine to go ahead and buff up ASAP since I thought it would stack forever. BUT as you can see, many times the icons disappear before characters are able to even make it across the stage to start attacking, so that was dumb don’t follow that. I blame my failures on the stress of having to reset this game four times for the sake of recording this video.


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