Save Game Before Crash- Single Player Ark Survival Evolved


Force Ark Survival Evolved to save your game progress with these console commands in single player. It can be a life saver. Don’t save your game while on a flyer because you will fall off if you have to restart the game.

Hit tab to bring up console
type “enablecheats” enter
type “saveworld” enter
and that’s it, don’t type in the parentheses

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  1. I'm on xbox and mine crashes while I force save it. And it doesn't actually save for some reason 🤔

  2. Bro my Single player Character deleted. But before deleted I copied Ark local files folder in other place.
    Now can I get my Single Player data back.
    Please Reply me bro 😭😭

  3. Really difficult to follow your instructions. Open what console? How? I figured out how to open the Steam console through another article online, but there isn't anything to hit that says "enable". Going by the other comments here, your method works, but I just can't understand any of it.

  4. Thanks so much mate,I have the problem of when I back out to save my game crashes.Sometimes it crashes sometimes it doesn't,this is very helpful

  5. Fat frog pls help me 🙁 i have crack ark all maps,and when i left and join back to the game i lost all my works,i use this cheat codes also dont work what i c a n do ?

  6. Is there a way when your playing ark survival evolved offline with split screen to keep your level and home.. When you exit from the game and come back to the game with your map, level, and home saved? To be more specific such as when ejecting the disk and inserting ark survival in the ps4?? Just asking because I've seen topics on this on the internet with different answers to a question like mine.. Thanks y'all


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