Scientist fact-checks The Game Changers Documentary


The Game Changers is James Cameron’s latest documentary, focusing on plant-based diets. The Game Changers became the focus of controversy before it even came out but few reviews have tried to unbiasedly evaluate its strengths and weaknesses so le’ts put ideology aside and fact-check The Game Changers!!

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Gladiator forensics:

Diet and endothelial function:

Diet, blood lipids and erectile dysfunction:

Processed plants and animal foods not as healthy as whole plants:

Diet and environmental impact:

Rapid effect of diet on serum cholesterol levels:

the game changers dropped on Netflix few days ago and everyone’s talking about it

So this is the new big documentary on diet and its produced by James Cameron

animal protein comes with cholesterol and SFA, but also with pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant molecules like heme iron, Neu5Gc and production of TMAO. All things we want to minimize.

animal products have a much bigger footprint as far as water and land use and GHG emissions. Which seems intuitive

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  1. great review. Thanks. I've been vegetarian since I was 22 (that was 1973 so 47 years now). I have had excellent health and good energy levels but a couple of years ago I had an ulnar nerve problem and went to a top sports doctor. Tested for blood levels of vitamin D and B12 and found I was low in D and deficient in B12. Supplementing isn't difficult.

  2. What I hate about this documentary is that it's so focused on painting animal protein as the devil. It just completely lacks nuance and it's so painfully evident for anyone with even a slight bit of knowledge of nutrition that they're trying so damn hard to angle this in favor of a plant-based (or vegan, really) diet that they don't care about being misleading. Like seriously…what they should have focused on is how bad red meat is, not how bad animal protein is. There's nothing wrong with things like fish, chicken and eggs. They're great sources of protein, healthy fats, vitamins etc. So it really bothers me how they demonize animal protein as a whole and not just red meat. And that goes for the environmental argument too, red meat is the worst, the others are not nearly as bad.

    I don't know if it's because I'm European or what but it seems like this is mainly directed at steak-gorging Americans that only eat meat and haven't discovered fruits and vegetables yet. Like seriously, who the hell thinks that you should only eat protein to be a good athlete? Or that protein is where you get your energy from? Seriously who believes that? Ridiculous to even bring that up in the movie. Protein is needed to build muscles, but you need carbs and/or fats to get energy. Anyone's who's completed high school should know that. Don't need a scientist to tell me that. So the whole thing is just disingenuous. Like who is disputing that fruits and vegetables are healthy and should be a big part of our diet? I sure as hell haven't seen anyone say that, and you certainly don't need to cut out animal protein to do so.

    It's clear that they have a very narrow agenda in the movie, otherwise they would just present the facts in an objective manner. Aside from environmental and ethical reasons there is absolutely no need to cut out animal proteins completely from your diet. Absolutely none. So for the movie to claim that a plant-based diet is superior is a pretty terrible take. And superior to what? An all-meat diet? Yeah, that's pretty obvious. Is it objectively superior to a well-balanced diet including animal protein? No. Honestly, documentaries (if you can even call it that) like this really makes my blood boil. So poorly done.

  3. I mean, the first thing that stood out is most of those athletes are on juice of some kind. There's virtually no way to get that big without juicing up. Not exactly a great baseline to compare against.

  4. Cows DO NOT get their protein from plants. They use plants to propagate Bacteria in their gut. Then they digest the bacteria which is where they get their Protein, Fat and B12. You don't have 4 specialized stomachs to do this. Mammals cannot digest fibre, you lose 80% of the nutritional composition alone because of this. Then antinutrients neautralize, and sometimes pathogenize (Oxalate compounds) nutrients so that they are useless to you, or harmful.

  5. They completely ignore the fact that the highest sources of strontium are from Seafood, and then Meat, Milk, and Poultry. Root Vegetables and Bran contain it in similar levels to Meat/Milk/Poultry, but animals are 100% digestible and plants are roughly 20% digestible, while also containing anti-nutrients. So you're going to be passing most of that strontium in your Feces and Urine.
    If high strontium levels are indicative of anything in diet, it is not of one that is vegan, since a very small number of vegetables contain Strontium, but ALL animal foods do, and in higher concentrations of more bio-available amounts. It is likely that they ate Seafood, and their diets were supplemented with root vegetables and plants, because they were slaves, and it's too expensive to feed them nothing but meat. Plus Carbs turn into sugar, a sugar high will boost performance. Even Carnivores will load up on Raw Milk before an event. This doesn't mean that high-carb is good for you 24/7/365.

  6. terrible review, you lean way too much on the association data from the atrociously poor quality epidemiology / flawed simplistic version of the cholesterol hypothesis (with incorrect presumptions surronding what influences that profile for the better – again based on terrible quality associative data). You fail to mention plenty of caveats – gladiators were slaves, not eating for optimal health or through choice of foods. The burrito / blood "fat" tests / The erection test were both/all nonsense (as is everything in this garbage "documentary"), there are plenty of people whom have reviewed it properly..

  7. Is Cameron giving needed supplement info to newely inspired vegetarians or making them sick in the long run from lack of info, which would be good here too.

  8. Don't you know about the probably 6 nutrientys that us Vegetarians can't get?? One of the main points! You did not say how they at 11 min reduced chloresterol. I also suggest you learn how chloesterol really works re. animal fats, intsead of AMA propaganda. I appreciate your logic.

  9. I like this. Why debunk it. Let’s let these people really prove us wrong lol. Coming from the bodybuilding world

  10. What our ancestors ate is TOTALLY relevant, because a) they lived longer and b) they didn't suffer from the diseases and ailments we're challenged with today. I agree, they ate what was available to them and this excluded GMOs and the likes…

  11. around 4.10 you say someone could just claim they felt better after X. i assure you, everyone feels better after X (tc) 😀 good show though i liked watching it (y)

  12. Our metabolism is unique as our fingerprints. What's good for one not necessarily good for another. Stress is always another big factor.

  13. This is total shit..

    I have just found out I have serious food allergy. I was eating mostly junk food and I felt like I was actually going to die.

    I have now followed the Vegan diet for about three days and I already feel AMAZING!!

    My allergy is so bad it was giving me lower back pain and also shoulder pain. The pain has almost gone after three days!!

    I've NEVER coming off the Vegan diet ever ❤️

    Vegetarian FOOD Is nothing But FOOD, Like The pre-flood HUMANITY.
    29 And God Said: 'Behold, I Have Given You Every Herb Yielding Seed, which is upon the Face of all The EARTH, and every Tree, in which is The Fruit of a Tree Yielding Seed–to You It Shall Be for FOOD;
    16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying: 'Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat;
    17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it
    LUV YOU !!!

    AAA SJ RRR LLL 2020 CE
    J U N E 25 GGG

  15. the athletes were they vegan/vegetarian from the beginning of their carrier?(like from age 9 to age 30?) or did they go vegan after they had successful career already? and then retired ..?

  16. Will we all turn into Olympic Gold medal champions? Probably not, but……will we all live longer productive healthier lives? Probably so……after watching this movie, its hard to understand anyone thinking that eating animal protein is…..okay. That being said, I think most people would like to go vegan but are so conditioned by what they eat currently, that they have a hard time transitioning……I will say, it would be nice if someone made a movie, yes, a movie, on how to eat the simplest and healthiest diet……one that even the biggest laziest idiot on the planet would have no problem attempting and following for …well….forever……Not everyone is married to a professional chef who gets paid by millionaire NFL players to prepare time intensive 4 course dinners pool side……as you can see in this film, the NFL players aren't the ones …!!! Anyway, that would be my only drawback on this film is there is no guidance on what exactly many of these extraordinary VEGANS eat…….and perhaps this film was lead in for them to sign multi-million cook book deals…..of which, perhaps, many of the recipes none of them eat anyway and were just included in a cookbook to…..SELL…….and make money……..anyway, there has to be a better way to PUSH the Vegan lifestyle……without the greed…..the Edelstyn guy has a whole empire of cookbooks and products……..and his mission is to help firefighters which is great……but I feel there has to be an easier way to show people exactly how to make the transition and with a very simple diet menu plan…….and then once the transition has been made, then they can hire a professional chef to cook these fabulous looking time intensive 4 course dinners…..just saying….. : D

  17. The documentary was good until it got “we should all be vegan” shit. Sometimes I wish that they just give you the info with out talking down to the audience.

  18. Oh and by the way, fats will oxidise after heating mono unsaturated fats above 180 degrees. So yeah cooking with olive oil and coconut oil can suck, choose an oil to cook with high in polyunsaturated fat instead, like avocado oil. Just felt like I had to clarify this.

  19. On my Youtube Channel, there is a man called Marty Kallane he runs 600 km from Kalgoorlie to Perth in just 5 or 6 days.

  20. I'm completely sold on the ethical reasons for going vegan. However, the diet does not suit my preferences or the way my body reacts to it. I do much better on a low carb diet made up mostly of meat and veg.

  21. Gawd! The movie is much more interesting than listening to you basically saying the same thing. You keep saying you've made videos about all this before. So? Cameron made a movie, not you. Its his film, not yours. Why do you need to critique it, anyway? I don't get it.

  22. Peas are a legume that is being promoted as a protein source. Most grains and legumes are heavily contaminated with glyphosate because it’s being used to speed up the ripening and dry it out..making harvesting sooner and easier..and increasing profits.. It's applied even to non-GMO's. Glyphosate contamination is rampant in organic plant-based protein supplements as well……Lawsuits against Monsanto (now Bayer) have resulted in high financial awards as Roundup was found to have caused Non-Hodgkin lymphomas. One was awarded a $2 billion judgment against Monsanto. … When testing eight of the most popular pea protein brands sold on as of March 2019, one organic brand was found to contain as much or more glyphosate than conventional brands.

  23. This is properly the best video i have seen in years. Because you are really objective. Simple question, what kind of food do you eat?

  24. Barley and wheat were a common everyday staple throughout the Roman Empire, especially in Greece and Italy. What they forget to mention conveniently I I suppose is that what you have is someone who has a load of slaves who are exercising rigorously every day, they are tall lads compared to the general population (avg 5:7, avg Roman citizen 5:4), and due to the rules of the sport of gladiatorial combat they with the exception of the retiarius were not allowed to background therefore a heavier fighter with fat on them is beneficial. The cheapest food you can buy on bulk is wheat and barley, but some Romans trainers did think however there may have been a healing effect from eating a mainly plant-based diet.

  25. You rock ahaha apreciate the displayed objective observation skills and the dry humour!
    Will be back for more

  26. Very biased and weak review. Still hanging on to old fake science. Better read "Big Fat Surprise" by Nina Techolz and learn from real science

  27. Great review, thanks! Totally agree with you.
    In my opinion, what is missing in the movie is the comparison of a healthy meat-containing diet with a vegan one. They just compare veganism with junk-food.
    Anyway, I think the movie is very well done and it inspired me to change my nutrition to plant-based.


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