So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 7: Game VFX


Ensuring that a visual effect accurately communicates gameplay and is thematically cohesive and exciting for players is already a challenge. But their job extends to entire character kits, across character rosters, and throughout the game as a whole. All the effects in a game should achieve a harmonious style, but each effect also needs to clearly belong to a given character or source. Oh, and there’s also no standard way to build a visual effect. Confused yet?

Check out this video to learn some of the ways VFX can be constructed, as well as some of the artistic tools VFX artists use to clearly communicate any given gameplay and theme.

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  1. Hi let's try this cool guessing logo game and win cash

  2. These are possibly some of the best tutorials on game dev topics. High quality, and from one of the best studios out there.


  3. Ok I LOVE VFX & when animating this is my favourite part & have ton of fun doing it
    But I honestly don’t think it’s the art form in games that needs the most diverse set of skills…is it? Am I too much of a noob to understand?
    Or is my mind just too sparkly and messed up that I don’t notice it’s hard

  4. great to see Jason, watched all his videos ages ago and been wondering if he left riot or not, might go back to them since it's been a while

  5. "If you make every effect epic and loud, nothing will be epic or loud"
    I wish the companies I've worked for in Japan would learn that lesson

  6. just be prepared to never hear back from 99.99% of places you apply at
    including riot. lol
    they're always looking for VFX, but there's also thousands of VFX artists who are looking for jobs…


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