Summer in Mara Switch Review – Island Hopping Life Sim


Summer in Mara tries to be many different games, an island hopping Harvest Moon, perhaps. But is it just a jack of all trades, master of none? Find out in our in-depth review of the Nintendo Switch release.

Summer in Mara written review:
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Summer in Mara was successfully Kickstarted and is heading to multiple consoles including the Nintendo Switch. Is it worth the wait? If you want a mix of Wind Waker with Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon farming and life sim elements, then maybe! Our review has the answers!

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  1. Hey everyone! Who's been looking forward to this game? Let us know your thoughts if you have any at all! Thanks to Jason for contributing this review. Be sure to check the review on the website for more awesome stuff that doesn't get made to video:

  2. I already got it, and I really like it, I like the way it’s progressing and how there’s different islands to go to

  3. That's why I don't back games because some times they steal your money and leave you with crap like mighty number 9 those who have there face in that game now get to be part of the of the shame of that game. I'll wait for a price drop.

  4. Thanks for the review. Sad to hear it's not what it seemed it would be. Hopefully they can update it to fix the weird issues and also to add content like Stardew has.

  5. I'm sticking with My Time at Portia, recently double dipped and bought it for the Switch too (have it on PC). Dev's have recently added more NPC interaction and more side quests with more bigger contents to come in a few months.

  6. Feels like it's a game that tries to do everything but doesn't do one thing well. And just seems too familiar.

  7. Its 25 dollars in the us it is discounted by 10% till the 26th I think but I was excited about this one then heard it wasn't great and was let down I am hoping windbound in August is better

  8. Good seeing a port on the Switch with graphics that don't suck. It looks super sharp. There's a fog effect in the game, but even the PC version has a bit of it too. And don't mid fog at all. It's better to have fog that will make the look smoother than to have stuff appearing out of nowhere.

  9. Thanks! Great review! I read it on the website, and was hoping it would get a video. You should have put “dog petting sim” in the title. LOL Talk about burying the lead/leash.

  10. I feel bad to those who have kick started this project. This got delayed multiple times and it is still not looking that good.

  11. Heard a lot of ppl talkin bout this one, but I didnt see anything special here oh well plenty to play. Thanks for letting us all know!

  12. This is why I watch SW reviews. No marketing BS bias reviews. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some quality of life updates based on this review!

  13. Good review! As a bit of constructive criticism, i felt that the words were read a bit too fast for me. It sounded a bit rushed. Again, great review though!

  14. Was really hoping for something more out of this one. Hopefully they can fix some of the issues and bump this up to a 7 LOL

  15. Loving the comparison to Master Chief! What is this girl eating? Not much, based on what you said minutes earlier!

    I think it was worth a video review of this since the visuals are really really appealing. Sad to hear that it's not living up to the bar that Stardew sets

  16. Game looks fun! Definitely getting on a sale down the line for some casual gaming. My daughter will definitely like playing it. Nice review.


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