The Sims 1 Gamecube Walkthrough Part 1 – Leaving Mom's House!


The Sims 1 Gamecube Walkthrough Part 1 – Leaving Mom’s House! So we get some goals to complete i’m not sure how long this game is but we will beat it as fast as possible! i Hope you all enjoy For more information be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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  1. Lmao, I remember this game. I was very little then, but I watched my father play. We had to leave the gamecube on overnight, because no memory card. I also remember shutting it down and my father being angry at me because he had progressed so far in the game. 😀

  2. I remember playing this as a kid. And I’m 24 now, so it’s old alright! 😂🤯 Oh the memories… Oh and the multiplayer function was amazing.

  3. Mate you go FAR TOO FAST for me to see what you're doing…..I like to READ the speech as well as enjoy the action !!!!!

  4. My very first sims game I started playing December 2002 I was 19 years old I still have my game and still play it 😁


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