The Ultimate Fish And Game Cleaning Stainless Steel Table!


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Video showing the many features of the Portable Processor. The Ultimate Fish and Game Cleaning Table. Amazing Tool for all your cleaning and preparation needs. Makes cleaning your fish and game a breeze. Proudly MADE IN THE USA. To see all the great YAK Field Product products visit Practicality for the serious sportsman.

Hi folks Paul here from YAK Field Products. And today we are going to talk about the Portable Processor. It’s an ultimate cleaning table, designed for all of your fish and game. FDA 304 Stainless Steel. What we’ve done is create a one piece sealed top, none of the pieces are add ons or bolt ons. You got three backsplashes and a one piece front raised lip, now what that does is no matter what your mess everything stays contained on the top. Nothing can drip off; onto the floor or onto you. We also have two recessed drain channels that run from both corners, and all that liquid and blood, all your mess pools up; Now when you are all done and ready to clean up; here is the best part about stainless steel; no matter what your mess, there is no bacteria, it’s always sanitary and is super fast and easy to clean. Simply spray down with a good cleaner, wipe it down and everything goes into the hole, pull your bucket, cinch your bag and your ready to rock and roll again. It really makes cleaning and processing a breeze. The other thing you will notice in my demonstration is the height. My feet stay flat, my back is straight and I can really work at this table for long periods of time without any pain. Our table comes equipped with castors so when you are not using it, you are not tied to having your table stay in one place. You can store all of your processing equipment on here and simply wheel it off into the corner until you are ready to use it again. The tabletop is designed to fit thru a standard doorway with ease. So if you want to move it into a different room in your garage or you want to take it into your house, it’s cold outside and you want to work in your basement, or your kitchen for that matter, because remember with this top there is absolutely no opportunity for any mess to fall onto the floor or onto you. A couple other features of our table, we have the same 304 stainless steel on the shelf, we threw a nice back splash on there to keep all your equipment and bucket from sliding off; got industrial powder coat on the legs, all of the hardware is stainless, we throw in a nice polyethylene cutting board in for all of your chopping and cutting; it fits in really nice and locks into place with the front lip. There is plenty of room to work on this table top, you can pile all of your fish and small game up here, you can work here all of your waste goes in the hole, you got your clean water dish here and it just works phenomenal for processing all your big jobs. Also if you noticed we cut the shelf back on the front and the back and what that does is if you want to sit and pull a chair up for longer jobs you can do that too. There is plenty of room up top for you and a buddy to sit and work. You can sit here, he can sit there, you can tag team a good loot of pan fish or partner up on de-boning that whitetail. The last thing is portability. Aside from the castors there are six carriage bolts that hold this table together. All that is required to take it apart is one open ended wrench that is included with the table. Buzz your six nuts off, you’ve got four parts; two legs, your top and shelf. The bottom part of the box that the table comes shipped to you in, becomes it’s carrying case. Everything stacks flat and you can pick it up, slide it in your vehicle and you can take it up north. So again, it’s the Portable Processor from YAK Field Products. It’s just the ultimate fish and game cleaning table. We strive here everyday to make good quality, innovative U.S. products, to make your time in the field more enjoyable and more simpler. Good Luck out there!


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  1. Looks like there gone links lead to nothing . Or sold to wonder top if you search for that you can find one under that name

  2. So HOW do I buy this table ?   Click on your website, ( it's a blank page.  The other one takes me to Wonder Top, where they don't have this table on their site.  What's the deal ?


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