TitanIM/Titan Vanguard — The ARMA 3 Killer?!


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A global sandbox. An open world. A complete ecosphere in which to create, to experiment – to experience. There are no limits in TitanIM, geographically or conceptually. TitanIM/Titan Vanguard claim to be “The Future of Simulation”. It will undoubtably have a military focus, but hopefully when it comes out for “entertainment” we can get some of that entertainment out of it. Maybe the ARMA killer, maybe not.

Titan Vanguard New Features video:

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  1. Personally i think the graphics is not good enough yet… Of course it is really nice with the planet size, but the graphics and physics still suck i think

  2. why this is an arma killer, and how stupid the arma 3 fanboys are for being in denial.

    we can use weapon systems in Titan IM that have too large a range for any arma map.

    realistic flying of helicopters and aircraft, at realistic speeds. engaging others at realistic ranges.


    the entirety of planet earth to fuck around with,

    Working carrier ops, with the carrier moving around on 7M high waves and jets landing and taking off from it < somthing that would make the arma engine cry for its mommy

    with this game military simulation will go to a next level.

    we can have flight simulator guys, take off 1000km from a battle, and have them fly their way towards the combat zone. instead of taking off 20km from the front line. dodging enemy air patrols and AA sites on their way, they would be able to support grounds units for a while untill they run out of fuel or ammo, and have to go back. which is something you do in games like DCS ALL THE TIME, but with TitanIM you'd be bombing real players, instead of DCS's stupid as fuck AI

    people interested in naval warfare will finally have a game that integrates the navy into a game like this, like never before. which other game can you ask your command on a ship to deliver a cruise missile strike? where the cruise missile actually has to fly 2000km to a target (dont say battlefield because the tomahawk in battlefield is laughable, and the range wich it fly's is even more funny)

    did i mention full vehicle interiors? not only for tanks and apc's but for ships and submarines too?

    i also know for a fact that there is coding in existence that allow the Outerra engine (which TitanIM is build on) to put up to 500 people in a networked environment, and then add like 5000 AI ontop of that. which obviously far outweighs anything arma can do, pretty much all the servers in arma that have more then 100 players run like absolute shit.

  3. Finally, project i wanted to make, exacly on this engine. ITS HAPENING!!!!!!! Cant wait for home users edition.

  4. YAY it looks equally shitty =D talking about lighting and dynamic shadows and shadowcasting lights…. because that makes a lot.

  5. how the hell is this going to be the arma 3 killer? the people/infantry look horrendous and clunky, the trees, buildings etc look worse than microsoft flight simulator…

  6. I don't think this is a game, This looks like an engine. Like Crytech is the engine they use to build Crysis and other games using that engine…


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