Top 10 Kart Racing Games


There’s nothing quite like kart racing to provide gamers with years of friendship-destroying entertainment. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Kart Racing Games. Subscribe►►
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For this list we’re taking a look at kart-based racing video games throughout the history of the medium, pinpointing the finest examples of this sub-genre in action. We’re placing a limit of one game per franchise, as well as leaving out games that feature realistic car racing.

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  1. If you're putting the transformed version of sonic allstars on there, why can't you put the PS Vita version of modnation on there?

  2. Diddy Kong Racing, CTR and Mario Kart Double Dash are my top 3 kart racers in that order…Speed Freaks, Street Racer and Mario Kart (SNES) are also great kart racers. More racers which are not kart racers which need a mention are F-Zero, Micro Machines, Micro Maniacs, Wave Race and Wipeout.

  3. While Mario Kart is fun. It is not a great game, it is an artificial challenge that is unfair to those who are too good.

  4. No one really knows about Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour, and it is one of the best retro racing games ever made. In my opinion, it has by far the best track design out of all racing games ever, with such amazing shortcuts. I'd love to see a game like that made nowadays

  5. I love how you can tell who grew up with what system.
    Nintendo : Mario Kart is bettah.
    Ps1 : Nooooo Crash is bettah.
    Nintendo: Oh really fool?
    Ps1: Really!
    Comment fight ensues.


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