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Build your own military clan and lead them through treacherous war and combat in the
awesome PVP strategy game Total Domination – Reborn! Form an army base and raise an army in a desert wasteland, but be wary of attacks from other online players and enemies!

Total Domination – Reborn throws you right in the middle of desert wars between clans! Build your defenses and command a force mighty enough to dominate in military warfare! Raise your military and army, form your clan and head straight into battle using RTS and tactics to defeat those in your way! Join the battle and download Total Domination – Reborn today!

For the first time, the popular online war franchise Total Domination has been extended to iOS as a standalone combat adventure, featuring all new groundbreaking graphics and real time strategy gameplay. Raise your own army of infantry, high-tech armored units and devastating air units to strengthen your defense or launch an offensive using combat strategy and tactics.

Total Domination™: Reborn delivers a whole new PVP MMO adventure, optimized for iOS devices.

Total Domination Reborn gameplay features
• Free to play
• Form powerful military alliances with friends and become a leading war clan
• Build your army with over 30 powerful infantry, armor corps, artillery & air force units
• Strengthen your defense to protect your sector from military invasions
• Plan your real time strategy and tactics according to your style – go it alone or form alliances
and clans with other sectors
• Earn bonus rewards for commanding your army troops each day
• MMO community with thousands of players online
• Enjoy RTS PVP warfare or playing against computers
• Support for all Mobile Apple Products – iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!
• English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Portuguese are supported.
Raise an army worthy of an empire. Rush into battle and download Total Domination today!


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  1. It is an amazing game both mobile and PC. Maybe you cannot see the fight but just watching 5000 troops duke it out with one another seems like it would take hours to watch and raids would be so slow…If you understood the game you would understand why watching the battles was not implemented into the game..Now if the videos pop up in some sort of feed for later that's one thing but it seems a bit pricey..If it were up to me and I had a billion dollars I think it would be a cool idea but realistically I can't see that happening..

  2. Any game where you cant see or control combat is stupid as hell and a waste of time. Why people spend money and time on these is beyond me.


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