Zeus presents Universal Soldier (un-emulated) for the Megadrive, a Turrican rip-off from the golden era of megadrive gaming which must not be forgotten alongside the software house and all programmers that were involved in making this game.

Year of release: 1992

Oh C’mon!, apart from a few different level & boss designs, how can this get away with being called Universal Soldier? It has nothing to do with the film and is totally outweighed with Turrican II references, virtually the whole game is Turrican II including it’s soundtrack, it’s a fun blast but to call it Universal Soldier when in the end it’s just the Rainbow Arts classic with a few added levels thrown in is a bit of a joke.
I have used the infinite energy Action Replay code so I could upload the entire game for your viewing pleasure.

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Please note: NONE of my game uploads are emulated in any way whatsoever, they are 100% original recordings by myself taken directly from the original hardware the game was intended for, that way you know you’re watching the real thing. I will also always state weather i am using any cheats in the game, if not mentioned then i am not using any.
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  1. I hope you enjoy my channel enough to
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  2. Good game, great music, but it does fell a little cheap at times though, like the developers rushed the game to get it out in time for it's release date.

  3. This game compared to turrican 2 for the amiga has some complete different levels its not the same exact game, the amiga has a shooter and the universal soldier has more platform levels. The genesis put more work on the music and the Amiga had great sound effects, take a look!

  4. they producers messed up they only needed to keep the turrican man rather than universal soldier but still a great game!!

  5. I never owned a sega but i did play this game and while it was enjoyable it didn't follow the movie what so ever

  6. Not a rip-off; more like a reskin of Turrican II when Accolade had the licences to do Turrican II console ports and a Universal Soldier game, so they combined the two. As to whether the public responded well to the reskin or not is up to the individual players, but I do not recall any lawsuits happening so they must have had permission to tweak the original Turrican II in that way to tie it in with the movie.

  7. I would not call this a rip-off as it was a licensed port of Turrican II rebranded to be a movie tie-in.


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