Visual Effects Bootcamp: Artistic Principles of VFX


In this 2017 GDC talk, Blizzard’s Hadidjah Chamberlain and Riot Games’ Jason Keyser present a set of artistic fundamentals applicable when crafting visual effects that will help you no matter what kind of game you’re working on.

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  1. Noticed how she said unfair instead of weird, or something. God man lol. You have to be SOOO careful in this cuntry.

  2. Thank you for this really clear talk Hadidjah Chamberlain and Jason Keyser. It was really enlightening to me, as i didn't know anything about how to do vfx properly. Your presentation was very well done, as your cooperation on the presentation.

  3. nice to see that the misconception of left side of brain being the logical one and right side being creative, still lives on.
    also it's ridiculous to use the node system as an example of the logic stuff since it's really made for artists as a tool so they don't need to pester programmers all the time.

  4. According to every MMO ever, the way you do VFX in modern games is to start with a character performing recognizable actions, and then just spam a bunch of pointless particle effects all over the place until you can't tell what's going on anymore. This visual overload distracts players from the fact that they're paying $7 a pop to gamble for a 1% chance to get a weapon that will be obsolete in three levels, because the game wasn't made for them, it was made for Millionaires.

  5. VFX are the reason I can't play (or even watch) League. I really hope they succeed in the VFX clean-up efforts that Keyser mentioned!
    League really interests me, but the visual busyness and lack of clarity in the game's FX-heavy battles is disgusting to look at. And League is hardly the only game to have this issue.

  6. 26:10 and remember, different grayscale transformations will handle luminosities differently; 255 green and 255 blue might have the same value, but perceptually the blue will appear MUCH darker.

  7. Nice talk, but it pisses me off to no end that people use "gypped" this casually and no one minds. Its root is in the g-slur used towards Romani people, and it's basically equivalent to saying players feel "jewed" which no one would accept.


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