Viva Pinata but my garden is filled with disaster

Viva Pinata

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49 thoughts on “Viva Pinata but my garden is filled with disaster

  1. I played the Ds game and I am still mad to this day that my little sister sold my jelly. It was by accident cause she was trying to send MY PRECIOUS JELLY to her island. I was like 6-8 years old at the time, I am now 17 and still sometimes get mad about it. JIM WAS MY EVERYTHING

  2. Omg Viva pinata used to be a TV show when I was a kid …idk if it was just in Canada but does anyone else remember?

  3. this game was my childhood, i remember always closing out of it whenever those evil little guys started killing my piñatas because I could never get them to go away

  4. I am 39 and I just got an Xbox one as a gift, this is the 1st game I have played and I absolutely love it

  5. I played this everyday when I was younger. I have memory problems so I forgot about it for a long time. A few years ago I dream about this game and since then I aways thought it was just a dream, imagine my surprise when I saw this video.

  6. i played this so much as a kid. im so happy this showed up in my recomended xD this is bringing back memories i forgot i had

  7. Kevin be acting like he hasnt played 50 hours of the game before this video, even though he has max level gear

  8. I actually got into this game in a similar way, when I was younger I was Banjo Kazooie fan, so I wanted to get Nuts & Bolts, because I hadn’t played it before and thought I’d like it, it’s not as bad as people say, but the cars and stuff are stupid.
    However there was one thing that changed my gaming experience forever, It was the platinum version, and it came with a game, I thought it was a baby game and thought i wouldn’t be playing it. But boy was I wrong, instead of playing the game I got, I spent all night playing viva Piñata, I’ve been hooked ever since and even after the original disc scratched up, years later I play Trouble in paradise, and I thank Banjo for showing me such an addicting game.

  9. this brought back vivid flashbacks of me as a kid romancing parent pinatas with their babies to make money and idk how to feel about that…

  10. I love when u get a predator to eat a gerbil in viva pinata trouble in paradise, and then my worms ravaged the enter place and I made a new save… I killed a lot of wotms

  11. I have 2 viva piñata games. 1 is Trouble in paradise and the other is Party animals. I love party animals more than Trouble in paradise

  12. omg i remember playing this when i was little and then getting upset every time a pinata killed another pinata in my garden

  13. I legit breed all of my pinatas until I have 7 (so I can get that achievement) and then sell them…. So much cash.

  14. The doctor was actually my first video game crush. I always thought he was super cute under the costume and that he was so sweet for caring so much for the piñatas.

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