Viva Pinata Xbox One X Gameplay Review


Viva Pinata Xbox One X Gameplay Review of this enhanced gardening experience that is now a 4k resolution.
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#VivaPianta #XboxOneX gameplay review of this intense gardening and farming type simualtion. Work with a group of pinatas to watch them grow and mate as you collect many unique creatures to fill your enchanting place up. It’s a lot of fun and great that it’s Xbox Backwards compatible while also being available through Rare Replay. This Viva Pinata Xbox One X enhanced update is certainly appreciated.



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  1. Viva Pinata Xbox One X Gameplay Review, you're like, what? Well, the classic gardening game is now enhanced at a 4k resolution. Would love to also showcase TIP if this does well, or the other recently enhanced titles that came out while I was at E3. If you're buying the game on the Xbox Store, consider using my affiliate link (it'll auto-switch regions): or in Rare Replay:

  2. Hey guys, I'm happy to see that there are still a lot of active Viva Pinata fans that have fond memories of the game from their childhood. Therefor I started a petition for the game to continue its legacy on Steam or other consoles. Please help me spread the good word so Microsoft won't destroy this gem.
    Thank you for every supporting voice!

  3. Omg I remember when my dad had this game on his xbox 360 and me, my brother, & sister would always play this game especially the racing one.


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