Witcher 3 – Best Armor Early Game Location – Griffin School Gear Location!


The Best Armor Early Game Location in The Witcher 3 is the Griffin School Gear Set. It works best for a sign charcter build and includes Silver & Steel Swords!
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Intro: 0:00
Armor Overview: 1:42
Griffin Silver Sword Location: 2:30
Griffin Steel Sword Location 4:51
Griffin Armor Set: 6:11
Crafting Guide: 10:35

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  1. You need to be at least level 10 in order to do this and yet also need a lots of coins. This is not a beginners guide!

  2. Ty for all the help
    I subscribed in the past and unsubscribed many times to this channel but it's such a good channel I keep coming back and subscribing 😂

  3. I just tried to get the armor and in the cave spawned non other than a leshen😅 I never paniced so much in my life

  4. Conqueror's Scam!; a pay to win scam mobile game made to steal your money and your time! Like Raid Shadow Scammers but they have found even more manipulative tactics to force you to spend all of your real money on pay fake digital ones and zeros just so you have even the most minuscule chance of winning a single lame @$$ fake battle that you will not enjoy in the least! Give me ALL your money pleb!!!!

  5. I know you need to keep the lights on but, you need to find a way to do it without shilling for these predatory pay to win games that are barley more then scams!

  6. When you fast travel to Downwarren go left up the hill and there will be a secret back entrace at the cave above the mountainstream leading directly to the chest

  7. 10:55 Yeah there is no "little text based guide" where to get the crafting components. Thumbs Up for the great jebaiting content.

  8. Gotta be honest with ya, damage and speed build is best for players like me, I don’t usually play games like the Witcher but speed is good as I don’t usually use quen, I usually use Igni and axii, I’d also recommend this for people who are good at dodging because that is mostly the reason why I don’t use Quen. Aside from that, with a quick and deadly build I’ve been able to do lots of mission above my level which have helped me get some good stuff to put aside until I got the required level 🙂

  9. Why does everyone say it's hard to level in this game? Just do the side quests before they grey out before you do any main questline.
    Sure you don't get as much xp for side missions but xp is xp

  10. When I went inside I saw a huge red dragon stuck inside! I went to another floor so it doesn’t hurt me but then it did something that killed me through the wall

  11. You forgot to mention that in the boss room at the dragons keep for the armor that a Leshen may appear based on a bug and to fix this bug load a savefile before entering the dragons keep.

  12. I went into the cave for the armor boss, then the leshen walked in and I turned off my game scared as heck (first time playing Witcher 3)

  13. 2:41 how do you still pronounce the name Velen wrong…It's not like they say the name quite a lot in the game…

  14. Don’t tell me you found that secret under water entrance to the lighthouse all by yourself. If you did.. I’m sorry. But if not, maybe you should give credits to who you got that from.

  15. you can skip the boss fight by running past him and going down the tunnel then losing sight of him then looting the chest before he sees you

  16. Wish I could understand the english in this game. Many medievals game spoke like this. What language do they use? Just play the game in halfway

  17. Amazing Guide! Well done with these Chapters in the Video :)) Just one question: Did you forgot the guide for the ingredients, or am I just blind?

  18. Wow excellent video and great info! But i must say, why in the world do some British people pronounce the word 3 as "free" instead of " three" my goodness lol

  19. Didn’t mention a level 20 lesher in the place u get the armor 😡 every time I go in I get 1 shotted and I’m only level 6

  20. Early game my ass first you cannot kill the enemy's then you have to be at lvl 11 to be able to craft the armor so yeah

  21. You kinda don’t need this guide if you read the notes in chest where you got the sliver sword, it gives you the quest


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