World of Warships Sound Effects / Files (Version 2015-07-14) Download


New Version online:

Here are all sound files of World of Warships (2015-07-14).
I encoded them out of the .bnk format into .ogg.
Sounds in the video are at a lower qualtiy as those in the download.
File contains over 1800 sounds, some meight be broken/duplicates or empty (no my fault, ask Wargaming about it ):

Background effects (enviroment) 00:00 (WOWS_DK.001)
Gun loading sounds: 5:34 (WOWS_GS.00X)
Wind effects: 24:55 (WOWS_MB.00X)
Voice sounds (Aircrafts): 29:45 (WOWS_PF.00X)
Gun Sounds (Aircrafts): 31:20 (WOWS_PM.00X)
Ship Collsion Sounds: 39:50 (WOWS_SM.00X)
Voice sounds: 48:05 (WOWS_SP.00X)
Interface Sounds (Gamemode/Port) 52:05 (WOWS_US.00X)
Damage by rounds or tropedos: 1:02:20 (WOWS_XP.00X)
Detailed List:
48:05 All Stations reporting the position of a strategic Target (WOWS_SM.001)
48:09 All Stations conzentrate fire on the Target (WOWS_SP.002)
48:12 Cirtial Engine Damage (WOWS_SP.003)
48:14 Reproting the position of a prioty target (WOWS_SP.004)
48:17 We sunk an Allied Destoryer (WOWS_SP.005)
48:19 Enemy Destoryer Sunk (WOWS_SP.006)
48:20 All Stations, requsting fire on the designated Target (WOWS_SP.007)
48:24 Torpedos, direct front (WOWS_SP.008)
48:25 Main Turret Blown up (WOWS_SP.009)
48:47 Our Team is taking the lead (WOWS_SP.012)
48:51 Unable to manouver (WOWS_SP.013)
48:52 We destoryed an enemy Battleship (WOWS_SP.014)
48:55 Hull breach, we are taking alot water quickly (WOWS_SP.015)
48:57 Torbdoes to Starboard (WOWS_SP.016)
48:58 Don’t fire at your allies (WOWS_SP.017)
49:00 Our Victory is in sight (WOWS_SP.018)
49:05 We destroyed an enemy Crusier (WOWS_SP.019)
49:07 Enemy seriously damaged (WOWS_SP.020)
49:08 Enemy Aircraft Carrier Blown up (WOWS_SP.021)
49:10 A Disciplin Penatly was imposed on you for firendly fire (WOWS_SP.022)
49:14 Main Turret Critically Damaged (WOWS_SP.023)
49:16 Attention, Reporting the Traget position (WOWS_SP.024)
49:19 Our Team depends up on you (WOWS_SP.025)
49:38 The Enemy is about to win (WOWS_SP.027)
49:43 Enemy Battleship foundered (WOWS_SP.028)
49:45 Enemy Crusier Destroyed (WOWS_SP.029)
49:27 Enemy Heavly Damaged (WOWS_SP.030)
49:28 We destoryed an allied Battleship (WOWS_SP.031)
49:50 Waypoint Reached (WOWS_SP.032)
49:52 Torpedoes to Stirn (WOWS_SP.033)
49:53 Torpedoes, a strin (WOWS_SP.034)
49:54 Autopilot mode Enabled (WOWS_SP.035)
49:56 We sunk an allied Aircraft Carrier (WOWS_SP.036)
49:58 Confirmed Penetration (WOWS_SP.037)
49:59 Torpedoes to Port (WOWS_SP.038)
50:00 We destoryed an allied crusier (WOWS_SP.039)
50:20 Conzentrate Fire on the designated Target (WOWS_SP.040)


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  1. can you tell me where the horns are when the ships have a collision?
    im desperatly looking for a specific one with a deep sound

  2. My absolute favorites are "Our team…depends upon you!" and "You are the last hope!".
    It's so gratifying to hear, but upon hearing that, the entire responsibility of your teammates is levied upon you, piling on the pressure to no extent. You alone determine if your team wins or loses and whether or not all of their struggles were in vain.
    You are the last hope.


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