Ark Survival Evolved|How to force save your world


In this video Lee will show you guys how to force save your world in Ark:Survival Evolved. One thing he forgot to mention is to NOT do this on a flyer! If you do and something happens so you restart, when you go to log back in you will fall off your mount! Hopefully this video will help you guys, and we should be back with more tutorials later. These tutorials will mostly be for ps4 players, but hopefully they’ll help Xbox and PC players as well.

For a list of console commands, go

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  1. Bro I did this and the second I typed in save world the game kicked me out and it said updating 11.5 gigabytes that was hella suspicious but I guess it was just a coincidence

  2. I highly recommend that solo players do this alongside frequent backups. Also a great way of getting out of the 'stupid' tax lol

  3. I'm on ps4 and every time I go to main menu or turn off my ps4 my game restarts and everything disappears if tried everything including this pls help

  4. In my opinion this isnt cheating because all its doing is saving but in the case of spawning items thats pretty obvious why thats cheating because instead of earning it all you do is give it to your self without much effort

  5. Why the hell doesn't this type of game NOT have a manual save option in the settings???? Most or even ALL of the open world single player games I've ever played had a save option in Settings. How is that not a first thought when developing? Think TES, Fallout, Outer Worlds, Far Cry, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Hell, i think Evolved had a single player thing (with a save) but i only played it once.

  6. This also works on my private dedicated server on pc, since I have admin commands for myself. Thanks for the helpful guide!

  7. Any ideas why my single player let's me play for about 10 to 20 min then shuts off an sends me to the Xbox home an its on every map

  8. Thank you 😀 i needed to save my world because i had to go to bed and i new that it would not save so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  9. I tamed a queen bee once then I left my world later on the day I got back on and all my progress after I tamed the queen be was gone same with the queen bee why dose my progress save plz help I’m on ps4

  10. Is there a way when your playing ark survival evolved offline with split screen to keep your level and home.. When you exit from the game and come back to the game with your map, level, and home saved? To be more specific such as when ejecting the disk and inserting ark survival in the ps4?? Just asking because I've seen topics on this on the internet with different answers to a question like mine.. Thanks y'all

  11. My 9 year old nephew & I spent HOURS creating an awesome world in multiplayer creative and we were bummed as hell that we weren’t gonna be able to save it!! Until we found your video that is. Thanks for rescuing our world!

  12. My girl and I play single player on Xbox one and sometime we will play for 5 hours straight making crazy progress and next time we log on we realize none of our last session saved and we can’t figure out why. I see it doing the auto save in the corner every now and then but it’s not actually saving. Anyone have any tips? Am I just missing something?


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