Dan Plays OUTLAST (alone in the dark)


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Alone in the dark Dan delves into Mount Massive Asylum in.. OUTLAST


I considered ending this video about 10 minutes in when the guy pushes me through the window but I thought nah let’s make this video AN EPIC. I feel like it was wbu.

Tell me if you want more of Outlast or scared lonely Dan or whatever else you want to see! 🙂

JUMP SCAres – (Mild) tv static 4:45 5:58 door closes (mild) 7:16 (quite big i kind of shat myself) 7:38 hanging body and eery music (mild) 7:56 pile of dead bodies (mildly gory) 8:36 Dan walks into a corpse 9:29 (larger jump scare) 10:12 (mauled body, mild) 10:47 corpse (mild) 11:26 creepy guy in a wheelchair (mild) 12:30 weird guy idk he was creepy (mild) 14:12 HUGE JUMP SCARE OH MY GOD lasts until 14:25. 15:50 guy runs through corridor (jumpy) 17:29 dead bodies (mild but just gory) 18:45 creepy guy bursts through door (idk it made me jump but its pretty mild) 22:24 guy busts through door (mild/jump worthy) 23:59 creepy guy busts through door and attacks dan - Thanks to ‘LifesLittleWays’!

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  1. ‘If there’s a face in the window I’m gonna shat myself at an alarming velocity’ I have never related to much during a horror game.

  2. OK but: Anytime a game saves and it's in a weird spot to save, something's gonna happen. The same goes for music when it gets progressively louder and/or more angsty.

  3. They should get Ryan and Shane (or just Ryan, just Ryan would be more entertaining) from BuzzFeed Unsolved to do this game

  4. because of Dan every time a scary part in a game comes up i chant "back to the wall, back to the wall" on instinct

  5. Don't know why I decided to rewatch this in 2020…
    at night…
    by myself…
    during quarantine…
    why brain why?????

    *Turns down but notices that if you turn it down one more time you've muted it"
    Well for fu*ks sake-

  7. i remember watching this in 6th grade in bed after i got home from school before me and my sisters were got ready for trick or treating lol good times kinda

  8. I love how when Dan runs from the wheelchair guy and ducks into the room with the two guys watching static his first reaction is to make Phil's no way/benedict cumberbatch face >u<

  9. Dan: you don't see through your brain you see through your eyes
    Silly guy.

    Ngl his funny comments are the only reason I can watch this video without dying

  10. Technically the eyes are only receptors and pick up information that is then translated in the brain. So you do see with your brain.

  11. Six years later and i'm in my senior year, mid quarantine, distracting myself from online school with Dan's gaming lol


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