Dark Raider Gameplay [Android/IOS] – pixel-style roguelike hardcore action game!!


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“Dark Rider” is a pixel-style roguelike hardcore action game that raids hundreds of dungeons in the medieval magical world, conquers tide-like enemies, defeats powerful bosses, and saves the world from chaos!

Attack, dodge, jump, defend or combo combo, as a powerful hero, do well to meet these cursed pixel enemies challenge!
Go on adventures and assault dungeon alone or with friends.

Unique gameplay style, playing as a swordsman, magician or barbarian. Each hero has its own unique fighting style, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Good at using different characters is the secret to defeating the enemy.

Master the art of fighting, each hero has their own fighting skills and attacking gameplay, dodge, defend or attack, you will find the rhythm that suits you best!

Raid dungeon, different themes and terrains generate hundreds of thousands of random maps. You need to explore the map when you are facing a challenge, and look for favorable props to add life to yourself!

Defeat the powerful BOSS, more than 50 powerful enemies are waiting for your conquest. In the end who will fall, are you ready?

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