GameMaker Studio – Parallax Backgrounds


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Happy Coding 😀

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  1. what are the scr stuff? And when i add it to my code it doesn't turn red, meaning its not recognizing the code.

  2. Thanks, I sow sow can speak Spanish but I can understand you, thanks x 1000
    Searching this information for a long time.

  3. Very useful tutorial 🙂 thanks, I will use this for my jungle pixel art platformer game Droseria 🙂

  4. Awesome tutorial – this really helped with a project I've currently been hired for! Just a reminder that the 'A Matter of Time' Kickstarter will be going live this Saturday 10:00am EST. Anyway, I'll continue to keep you updated on the game's status if you would still like to be! Thanks 🙂

  5. Hey, I just found your channel, I love everything you have done and how helpful your tutorials are. I was wondering if you may do a video on menus again. Im looking to make a scrollable menu with grayed out aspects that the player can unlock when hitting a certain score. I think I can handle that part, its the scrolling that is causing me so much trouble.

  6. it is awesome that you posted the video today .. because I was literally just now trying to find a way to do exactly this .. thanks so much


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