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A playthrough of Quest’s 1993 shoot ’em up for the TurboGrafx-16, Magical Chase.

Played through on the “bumpy” (normal) difficulty level.

Magical Chase is a game that manages to stand out even among the considerable number of fantastic shooters on the TurboGrafx-16. It’s a “cute ’em up” in the vein of Cotton, but don’t let appearances deceive you – there is enough challenge and complexity here for die hard genre stalwarts to sink their teeth into.

The game looks and sounds fantastic and really shows off the power of the NEC console. More colorful than most Genesis shooters, and more fluid than most on the SNES, Magical Chase throws around loads of sprites and special effects without a hiccup. The use of parallax and faked sprite-scaling create some really cool visual spectacles, and the amount of unique enemy animation gives the game a ton of personality.

The gameplay largely revolves around your ability to manipulate the two stars around your character – they act as satellites that provide extra fire-power, and you can choose to independently lock their positions and the direction that they are firing in relative to your character. This allows you to focus fire on one target while firing on another, or to push all of your firepower at a single point, and combined with the various upgrades you can buy to enhance shot power and range, there is a lot of strategy involved in figuring out the best way to approach challenging spots and bosses. Since all of these functions are mapped to combinations of the Turbo pad’s I and II buttons, the controls take some time to adjust to, but the controls are snappy and accurate once you do.

I thought that Magical Chase would be a fun game for October because of the witchy theme and the scary pumpkin guy, and it really is an extremely high quality effort overall. It’s too bad that it is so rare – it goes for an absolute fortune if you can find it – but it is a lot of fun, and it’s a cool look back at a piece of the history of the game studio that would eventually go on to produce strategy classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Pretty good game from what I seen in few minutes. Wish/hope this would be on the Mini Console version of this system. Rather not spoil myself if I ever wanted to get the Mini system, WITH a better selection of games. Nice it has a shop with power-ups to ease the difficulty of the game, especially for a lot/some of us not so good at these shooters.

  2. A great game, my favourite in the genre alongside Eliminate Down. The first being a good relaxing experience with the latter being one of the hardest games I've ever played on the Genesis.

  3. Another underated shoot'em up game which this game is very similar to "Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams"

    Fun Fact: "Quest" the company that developed this game were best known for being the developers for "Conquest of the Crystal Palace" for the Nes/Famicom which the company would later go on to develop the Ogre Battle series. ^^

  4. This is an underrated Cute em' Up. Now if only it was on the upcoming PC Engine Mini…

    [EDIT: Turns out it's still NOT on the line up of games for the PC Engine Mini 😥. I Love this game. It's an underrated Cute em' Up that rivals both Twinbee & Cotton in terms of how good it is. Seriously! It has nothing against itself! I still own the American and Japanese versions of this game in my childhood collection.

    Good Graphics
    Good Music
    Unique Enemies (It's a Cute em' Up, there's gonna be some diverse foes to fight here!)
    Balanced Difficulty (It's Easy, but not too easy as well.)

    Final Rating: 9.5/10

    I strongly urge to play this masterpiece sometime!

  5. With the absurd prices people are asking for a copy of this, it's a wonder why Konami didn't put it on the TG-16 mini coming out.

  6. It might look like a cutesy girl game, but Magical Chase has a lot going on under its cartoony exterior that makes it worth a try. Just be warned – it's a great shooter, but the prices that it goes for… oof.


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