PAYDAY – The Game Soundtrack – 12. Crime Wave (Slaughterhouse)


Obtained from the official BANDCAMP Site page

This is the track heard during the “Slaughterhouse” heist in the game.

The name of the track is “Crime Wave”, which was Simon’s contender for the name of the actual game. As we all know, “Payday – The Heist” won, and “Crime Wave” became the name for this intense rock/dubstep/breakbeat fusion track instead.

BONUS! If you purchase the entire album you get remix material for this track!

The music in the game “Payday – The Heist” is dynamic – this means that its intensity adapts to what’s happening in the game. The tracks on this soundtrack release are all put together from the elements that make up the dynamic music.

Often, over six or seven minutes of music has been trimmed and arranged (by the original composer) to become a shorter, more accessible piece of music that you can enjoy listening to outside of the game.
from Payday – The Game Soundtrack, released 18 October 2012
Written and produced by Simon Viklund


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  1. Different objectives are "re-skins"?
    The different music makes it better because if I'm playing on of my favorite heists and say, Full Force Forward comes on, I'm gonna enjoy it.
    I liked the game. Deal with it.

  2. There's roughly 13 heists.
    I dont give a shit what they promised, I enjoyed every minute of PAYDAY 2 and loved every heist I did.

  3. but I may have to take some time for better quality. a lot of the pre-official soundtrack songs all have the fluxuated volume and I made sure mine's didn't, so if that happens again, I'll be sure to release it all one level

  4. I'm gonna try at least. I hear Payday 2 has like 40+ heists, so that's gonna be a challenge.

    But yea, I'm gonna get the Payday 2 OST asap.


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