Teletubbies – Game Time


The custom special was requested by MultiFUNFUNMAN. This special is very similar to Here Come the Teletubbies since all of the segments are from the 1st and 2nd seasons.

The segments are:
Teletubbies Intro (Dipsy is the Missing Teletubby)
This Little Teletubby (From Our Pig Winnie)
Boo! (From Haymaking)
TV Event – Rolling
Teletubbies Love To Roll (From Rolling)
Two Happy Teletubbies (From Numbers – 2: Version 1)
Magical Event – The Lion and the Bear (Original Sketch)
Waking Up and Going Back To Sleep (From Wake Up!)
Four Happy Teletubbies (Version 2) (From Gospel Singing)
Jumping Up From Behind The Hill Saying ”Boo!” (From Our Pig Winnie)
TV Event – Music With Debbie
Standing On One Leg (From Balancing)
Throwing And Catching The Ball (From Throwing)
TV Event – Throwing
The Jumping Game (From Numbers – 5: Version 1)
Tubby Bye-Bye (Laa-Laa is the Boo Shouter)


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