Transylvania walkthrough (Apple II – Polarware)


Transylvania ( was a graphics adventure game published by Polarware in 1985 for the Apple ][. It was the first game in the Transylvania trilogy. The original game was published in 1982. This was a refreshed version using the Comprehend engine.

Hope you enjoy the walkthrough!

The long play is done by Smartadventurer, a program that I wrote to automate the playing for vintage Apple ][ games. You can follow the project here:

Cover art –
Walkthrough –


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  1. I never found the lockpick in the cloak — if that's how you do it for C64. The last problem was freeing the statute. I was that close! You don't even think about the load times. If it wasn't for load times, I would have crush Death in the Caribbean in a weekend. As it was, you had to devote 2 hours to making one or two mistakes. Too frustrating, even then.

  2. My father gave me a copy of this game that he got from work. I played it for HOURS on our Apple 2 (plus, maybe), but I could never solve it. Now I know it was due to the copy protection, but boy did I give it my all in the attempt. Thank you for letting me finally see the end.


    And you walk right past him like hes merely an unpleasant chore to be done later?


  4. Cool! Thanks for posting. What behavior does the werewolf follow? You spent some time moving back and forth while he both appeared, and didn't appear, and then didn't use the bullet right away.

  5. J'ai eu cet ordinateur, les bruits de floppy et les nuits passées à jouer à ce jeu !!!! J'adore j'ai rajeuni de 34 ans !!!

  6. I was stumped by this game 24 years ago when I was 14 and always wondered how it ended. It is cool to see how much I got right and how much my imagination didn't guess. Thanks for the closure.

  7. It's bugged the shit out of me for thirty years that I could never figure out how to open the princess' hermetically sealed sarcophagus. After watching this I now know why. I played it over and over and over again for about 5 years and never once saw that UFO.
    Childhood mystery solved.

  8. I remember playing this with my cousin when we were kids. There was one part where we came upon a block of moldy cheese. I typed 'Eat Cheese' and the reply was 'It tasted disgusting'. We laughed and laughed. Those sure were simpler times.

  9. I remember playing this with my friend Michael back in the day. We thought it was so difficult. It took me a while to find out what it was. Thanks!


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